Male Eye: Ziaja Yego After Shave Balm

Time to review the product of a Polish company founded in 1989.
by pharmacist Zenon Ziaja - Ziaja Yego After shave balm.

As promised in the previous review - I will describe another recommend after shave balm. This time Ziaja from the yego series.

Price: 6 PLN to 8 PLN,

Capacity: 75ml,

A few words from the manufacturer: Care after shave balm with a precise soothing effect and a modern recipe.

Advantages: Delicate, light texture, does not leave a feeling of greasy, quickly absorbed, energizing, fresh scent.

Action: It soothes redness and irritation of the epidermis, intensely and deeply moisturizes the skin, effectively limits bacterial growth, ensures reconstruction of physiological lipids, strengthens the function of the skin's protective barrier.

Effect: Immediate relief of irritation and active hydration. After shaving, apply the balm to your face and massage in until absorbed.

ziaja yego after shave balm opinion

My opinion

Personally, I was surprised by the price for this product. It is very attractive for such a good product. The above description is related to the actual effects after using the yego product.

It's simple in the application, it has a great smell and another plus that I could not see previous balms is the presence of zinc!

The skin really is in better condition after applying this product, certainly have a share in this vitamin that is found in this magic balm, namely vitamins E, C, B3, B5, B6. After application, the skin is not greasy and looks relaxed.

If you want to give a gift to your tired and irritated skin this product is perfect for such a gift, and the tempting is valuable I still can't believe that something that can cost so much can do so much. For sure I will gladly come back to this product from time to time. Every now and then, because the effects are satisfactory after using the product, it's best to have your two favorite products and rotate between them so that the skin does not get used to the product because then the effects may not be so stunning;)

Ps. For the first time I can put 5 with a clear conscience this product is a sensation, because it is simply good. Affordable price and satisfactory results: there can be only one, very good grade.

However, will one product get the max one day? You will find out about it for a long time!