Winter must have in the wardrobe

Winter must have in the wardrobe
Winter must have in the wardrobe

I often mention that minimalism has become my lifestyle. I introduce it in every sphere, especially its presence and positive effects I feel in the wardrobe and cosmetics. Since I read Slow Fashion book, my life has changed by 180 degrees. I don't complain anymore that I don't have anything to wear (okay ... sometimes).

I began to pay more attention to quality, not quantity. I don't buy any clothes anymore just because they are new. I buy wisely and I see the positive effects of these activities. First of all, good-quality clothes are more durable. Take shoes for example. I have always had to buy new shoes every season, because the old ones have fallen apart, they have broken up or were damaged from salt (which is a separate topic, because Piotr and I rebel against it very much). In case of Emu shoes this problem does not concern me. There will probably be comments that emu are expensive etc., but if you count the shoes you buy every season, the amount would be similar. To this you have to add time to look for new shoes every season. It's not for me. Below I present to you winter must have, which is a list of clothes that should be in every wardrobe (such a minimum).

Wool sweater

Wool sweater is my base for the winter. I can't move my home without a warm sweater (especially on cold days). Wool not only warms, but also has hygroscopic properties, i.e. absorbs moisture. Thanks to this, you won't sweat in a wool sweater, so there won't be a chance for a cold. A warm sweater is a winter must have.

Warm shoes

I have already mentioned shoes. For me, warm shoes are a prerequisite for the winter. I have already loved Emu some time ago and I will remain loyal to them (although I am tempted by Uggi). They may not be very beautiful, but thanks to them my feet are always warm and dry, because the version I have is waterproof.

Ear muffs, hat and other winter gadgets

Once I did not wear hats, because I always had a haircut after taking them off, 'wet, lick dog'. I objected to hats, and Grandma said that the head is running cold ... Grandma is always right. And so, listening to Grandma, I started to make sure that I didn't dream about my head. Although the hat is still bad for me, but earmuffs are my salvation. I am not cold in my ears (I always freeze in my ears) and my hair does not break. To sum up - I'm not cold in my ears and Grandma is happy when she hears that I'm not freezing 😉 Warm gloves and woolen scarf are a must-have - I found my own last year at TK Maxx. It is thin but very warm. The addition of cotton means that it does not bite, and yet it is still very warm.

Seriously, I would like to fall into winter sleep or winter in a warm cave with a blanket, tea and a good book zim