What I drink in the fall - herbs and other teas

In the summer I reach only for water, but in the autumn I prefer to drink something warm. I have several of my tea favorites, which I reach for everyday.
healthy teas

Nettle tea

It strengthens the hair and nails, and cleanses the skin. Unfortunately, I can drink only one glass a day, because otherwise I get allergies to the face (porridge).
I drink nettle tea one glass each day. I try to scratch my hair with it, which again began to fall out (contains silicon, calcium, manganese and phosphorus). In addition, her drinking was recommended to me by an allergist. Nettle tea is antiallergic, so if you are allergic - you should reach for it.

Honeysuckle tea

I love to reach for it especially in autumn, when in the evening I relax with a good book.
It tastes a bit like roiboos, which I like very much. It is delicate, can be drunk even by children (does not contain caffeine, theine, tannins). It contains natural antioxidants, has a beneficial effect on abdominal pain, and also has an antiviral effect (especially helps with upper respiratory tract infections).
We also find vitamin C, potassium, salt, iron and calcium in it.

Clipper Detox tea

The composition of this tea includes organic hibiscus, organic nettle (23,5%), organic licorice root (20%), natural spices, organic aloe extract (0,5%).
It is very tasty, and in addition speeds up the metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins, and thanks to it we get rid of the water bearing.
We drink it during the day, rather not at night, because it can have a stimulating effect.

Tea with purge

I think the big craze has gone, but I still drink it. I also often wash my mouth with it, which gives me the impression that it is in better condition.
It is said that purges work great on the whole body. It can also be given to children over 3 month. It tastes best with the addition of honey or lemon, although it is very tasty in itself.
It is rich in polyphenols, thanks to which it deals with viruses perfectly. It is often recommended to drink during colds as a natural antibiotic.
I recommend, in addition to washing your face with a purge - a hair rinse. It is enough to brew purges and rinse them with purges in the last stage of washing the hair. Has antiallergic, anti-fungal and anti-dandruff effect. If you feel that your scalp is irritated - it's worth trying this method.
Cleansing is also recommended to smokers because it removes heavy metals from the body.
It also has a soothing effect on herpes. It is enough to soak the cotton pad in the infusion with purge and apply the place where herpes appeared. It really works!