A way to fight hypothyroidism other than medication

Herbs of Father Klimuszko for hypothyroidism
Herbs of Father Klimuszko for hypothyroidism

I suffer from hypothyroidism, which I learned some time ago (over 2 years). Since then I take Euthyrox. I started with half 25 mg, and now I have taken half a 125 mg tablet from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday I took half a tablet of 125 mg + the whole 25mg. I had enough, because I didn't notice any difference, and subsequent visits did not bring the intended results.

I believe in the power of herbs, because they used to be treated only with herbs, which is why I started looking for herbs in the fight against my disease, which apparently cannot be cured. Or is it just a myth? Maybe hypothyroidism is a treatable ailment, and putties are pushed to us by doctors who do not quite know how to treat it?

Herbs of Father Klimuszko for hypothyroidism

I started looking for alternatives and one of them is herbs of Father Klimuszko for hypothyroidism. We drink herbs three times a day (we brew for 20 minutes under cover) half an hour before eating, which is the same as in the case of Euthyrox. The treatment is 3-stage. First, we drink the mixture until the end, then we take a break 7 days. After this time, we drink the mixture of herbs until the end and we take a break 12 days. The last stage is drinking the next mixture until the end. After this time we are to be healthy.
Father Klimuszko's herbs for hypothyroidism are mix of herbs, which include:
  • Knotweed herb (Polygoni avic. Herba)
  • Rosehip (Rosae Fructus)
  • Rowan fruit (Sorbi Fructus)
  • Oak bark (Quercus Cortex)
  • Nettle leaf (Urticae Folium)
  • Walnut leaf (Juglandis Folium)
  • Valerian root (Valerianae Radix)
  • Licorice Root (Glycyrrhizae Radix)
  • Icelandic lichen (Lichen islandicus)
Warning! We mix all herbs.
Herbs in taste are not overwhelming, but after a while my taste buds began to get used to it. Also, if these herbs are to help, the taste here is less important.
I started the herbal treatment with Father Klimuszko on November 10. One mix of herbs is sufficient for regular drinking (note 3x per day) per month. Will it be so - it will turn out soon. I am very curious about the results, because I read a lot of opinions about the effectiveness of these herbs, not only in this case, but also others. The effects were surprising, but I am skeptical about reviews read on the Internet. Word of mouth marketing is a very popular tool in selling various products.