The first wrinkles on the neck

Recently I wrote about the breasts, which is often overlooked in daily care. There is another part of the body that we often forget until the first wrinkles and lament appear, "Why did it happen at such a young age ?!"
neck wrinkles
Often the first wrinkles on the neck are called Venus necklace. This is the effect poor posture, sleeping on a pillow too high, and reading with your head down. Unfortunately, all three points worked against me.

The neck and hands are body parts that most often reveal the age of the owner. The face can be stretched to the limit, but just look at these parts of the body and we already know that something is wrong.

The skin on the neck is very delicate, it is usually the first wrinkles to appear at this place. They can appear even at a very young age. For me, unfortunately, after years of neglect they appeared already at the age of 20. I've been fighting them for several months, but they don't even want to reduce for cholera.
For neck skin care, you can use cosmetics that you use on your face (of course, bypassing acne-prone skin products). Micellar lotions, tonics and moisturizing creams will work very well.
It is also worth remembering about the peeling that will remove dead skin. Then apply a cream or oil (I recommend Kneipp Bio Body Oil. It moisturizes the skin and smells wonderful). The product gently we massage or pat into the skin of the neck.
But remember that we apply cosmetic products not from the chin down, but from the neckline up (to the chin). Thanks to this, you will avoid additional wrinkles.
In the summer it is worth remembering to use products with filters on the neck, because if we skip this product, the skin on the neck may become dry from the sun.
A good home remedy for firming the neck is a cold shower. Not only will it tone the neck, but it will also improve circulation.
It is worth applying once a week algae on face. When applying them, we do not skip the neck and cleavage!
When you follow my advice, you will notice your skin improve over time. Make sure your neck doesn't cheat on your years;)