Changes on YouTube and the blogosphere

Due to my profession, I watch many YouTubers, Influencers and Bloggers. I have been observing some of them since the beginning of their channels, in other words for many years. Some of them stopped running their channels, e.g. nissiax, which I liked very much because they were very substantive. It is thanks to her that I became interested in natural care. Many YouTubers change their channels along with the changes taking place in their lives and I mean, for example, Asian sugar or Lisa Piekło. On these channels it is very easy to notice the changes that have occurred in the presenters.

I admit that the owner of the channel Lisa Piekło inspired me to think about the changes, which I watched (okay, irregularly but watched) years ago. I loved her sense of humor and style in which she speaks. Currently, her channel has undergone a huge metamorphosis, and today I will consider whether people change, what influences their changes and why people are so negative about changes (including actions aimed at these changes).

The beginnings of blogging - how did it start?

When I started blogging (in 2009) I never thought that he would be with me for so long. This is my longest project I have ever realized. Initially, the blog was an escape from summer boredom, as well as my response to changes that began to take place in me (not only visual, but also mental) during the holidays between studies. I knew then that I wanted to study extramural and work, thanks to which at the age of 19 I started to gain professional experience (thanks to this I am now where I am). This plan for the student years from the beginning of the 3rd grade of high school was on my mind, but only after I did not get to the chosen field of study - day political science (I was also recruiting for pedagogy and sociology and to this day I thank God that I did not decide to those directions) I got the courage to implement my budding plan into life.

The beginnings of, i.e. it started with an idea

Before I started working in the hair salon at the reception, which took me the last of my life and energy (I was only free when there was a holiday, and I worked weekly for a week, because the lectures were also on Fridays and I had to make up for hours at work) I had a lot of free time time and I felt that I had to use it properly. I didn't want to waste my life spending all my free time lying on the beach (I had 15 minutes to walk to the beach near the pier in Sopot) but to do something really big. At that time, I didn't know that blog would become not only my hobby, but also a form of additional income.

I set up a blog on, because at that time it seemed the most sensible to me (or maybe it was simply the first portal I found by typing in the search engine "blog"). I have been on for many years (and I achieved really great successes there - my blog with the graceful name Good for You was often distinguished on the main page) before I dared to say about my passion to Piotr, who totally changed his path of development blog, but more on that later.

Blogging - start time

I don't even remember what our blog looked like at the beginning of its existence. Surely he had terrible photos taken quickly, but he was characterized by regular publication and reliability (which is still very important to me, although it may vary with regular publication). It was a time when brands began to see the potential of blogs and willingly sent their products for testing (of course, there was no question of any payment). So brands sent me products, I tested and reviewed according to a certain pattern (posts looked the same) and everyone was happy. Until the day came when I began to feel that I wanted something more from blogging. It was the time when I threw out all the products for testing from the cosmetics cabinet and came to the conclusion that it couldn't go on. My cabinet was bursting at the seams, and I no longer felt the joy of testing and reviewing cosmetics.

changes on YouTube and the blogosphere

The idea of ​​minimalism was a bull's-eye for me. It is my answer to my thoughts at that time. Contrary to appearances, minimalism is not such a recent trend. In accordance with the principle of minimalism, I got rid of most cosmetics (I left only those that I really liked) and gave the rest to friends and family. I felt extraordinary lightness and in a sense also ... freedom. The excess of cosmetics and other things overwhelmed me. Since then, I do not allow the feeling of being surrounded by too many products (this applies to both cosmetics and clothes, and actually everything that surrounds me). It was the moment when my thinking changed completely. I became a conscious consumer and I felt a great power to act, and more precisely to make people aware. Make you realize that you can live differently.

Minimalism in everyday life

Eight years have passed since this cleansing event, and I still remember this feeling with great joy. It was the moment when my world changed, my perception of the world changed and I changed. I wasn't the same person I was before. I began to be more aware. Aware and sure that I want to live a different life than before. The changes that took place in our lives then also directed the blog. Cosmetics reviews still appeared on the blog, but not as much as before. And if there were any cosmetics - they were natural cosmetics, which I chose myself, and not which someone sent to me for testing, not paying attention to the fact that I do not have dry and combination skin.

Along with professional development, I felt the need to write about my experiences - this is how the department was created,Personal development"Which will probably get this post. I wrote about my turbulent development, job changes and seeking my career path. Until the moment came in 2014, when I started not only as a hobby, but also professionally deal with social media (and it remains so today). It was also the moment when my mind began to germinate Blogger's guide. However, I realized this project on the blog long afterwards, because the priority related to me was the department related to vegetable diet and Wedding Guide (I was getting a lot of questions about how I was able to organize the wedding and not go crazy, of course, as I think about it now it turned out to be a really big feat).

Are changes needed in life?

During these 10 years, since I run a blog, not only its template has changed, but also its content and I have changed. Along with the experience, which is really enormous in my life. I do not exclude that in a few years the blog will look completely different (although I love its current appearance), but maybe other content will also appear. Will it be like this? I cannot answer this question at the moment. Because only the passing time will show what's next with

Why are we so afraid of change?

The very word 'change' causes curiosity and slight fears. Even if the change is for the better, we are afraid of it because it carries some risk. Risk that something will go wrong. We are afraid of failures, which is why we are often stuck in places that do not quite suit us, but are safe. It is this sense of security that we are afraid to lose the most. It sometimes gives us the false hope that it may get better, although looking from the side, the situation sometimes seems hopeless. If you are wondering why we, as people, are so afraid of change so much, let me explain it in today's post.

Comfort zones

Many people have their comfort zones. It may be a job we don't like, but we get a salary on time. It may be a relationship that torments us more often, but we are afraid to leave the fear of being alone. It can also be a place of residence where we pay little for the rent, but we do not feel well there.
Personally, I know the example of a person who has been in the workplace for many years, whom he does not like. Why? As she says, 'she has become incumbent'. It is never too late to change, but I understand this person a little. He is 40-a few years old and has been working in one company for 10 years. Although he complains about the workplace, the amount of his salary is certain that he will receive a salary every month.

How to find a new job?

Looking at the labor market and job offers, young people (preferably after graduation) with 10 years of experience are increasingly sought after. There are no such people, unless you go to extramural studies and work. I did it and it was a conscious decision. I analyzed all the pros and cons and found it best for me.
It was hard because I worked during the week and weekends (also on Sunday). I often had to work 12 hours a week to get time off for the weekend I spent at the university. This was my first job.
At one point I felt tired of being constantly at work, but also commuting. I had to commute to SKM (Fast City Rail, unfortunately only by name) and bus. The advantage of this work was that in slower moments I could study or mentally relax. It was then that I learned what direct contact with people and their service is and I hated it. I have never returned to work with a client.

How to control your fear of change

At the beginning I wrote that even a change for the better raises some of our fears. It is perfectly normal that a person sees not only the pros of making decisions, but also these bad sides. However, guided only by fears, it will be more and more difficult for us to take risks. And the risk usually pays off.
The first change of work accompanied me joy, but also fears - whether I would check in such a job, whether I am definitely making a good decision (in my previous job I knew my duties and also what to expect from my colleagues) and whether I really want to To change job. I was also worried when Piotr moved in, although he probably reads that he was not afraid of anything. I think it's also a bit of a women's domain that we have more concerns. I have the impression that Men are more brave in this respect and take risks more often.

Learn to control fear

Once I was terribly afraid of public speaking. I controlled my fear of the first of these appearances and later it went like a petal. Even after some time, I really liked public performances and when the opportunity arises, I speak on the forum. Controlling fear is difficult, but you can control it over time. I am one of those who panic very much, although I have recently learned to take risks despite my fears. They still accompany me, but I don't let them speak. This is probably the best way to fight.