Washing hard masks, or how to wash clay masks?

Washing hard masks
Washing hard masks

The mask is the most concentrated cosmetic. Such a kind of injection of beneficial ingredients for the skin. A mask is also an ideal idea for a home SPA. It's worth to save 15 minutes and relax, it's best to lie down and turn on relaxing music. Such a moment of relaxation will be useful in the crazy lifestyle that most of us lead. We're still running somewhere - to work, with children, to school, and shopping. We need to find a moment to ourselves in all this madness.

I love all face masks. After them, the skin is soft and smooth like after a cosmetician's treatment. Although recently I reach mainly for Korean cotton sheet masks, which are a big hit, but algae and clays are still my number one. However, there is a problem with them (I mean mainly clays), washing them is not the easiest.
Being at the cosmetician's shop some time ago I suspected a cool and simple way that I decided to test during a home SPA. As it turned out, this way turned out to be a godsend for me.

My favorite masks

I am a big fan of masks. It is true that more and more often I reach for masks on cotton sheets, because they are more convenient - we put the mask on the cleansed skin, and after a certain period of time remove the mask, pat the excess and it's ready. Nevertheless, I've been reaching for clays and algae for years. My skin is never so wonderfully smooth and toned like algae.
I would like to share with you masks that I use most often. Maybe among my favorite masks are also those that are on your wishlist or list of favorites. Let me know in the comments.

Cotton sheet masks:

  • Mizon, Enjoy Vital-Up Time Watery Moisture Mask with Green Tea Extract
  • Mizon, Enjoy Vital-Up Time Firming Mask with Pomegranate


  • Multani mitti clay
  • green clay
  • Argil

How to wash hard masks?

To clean the mask, you only need a few cotton pads or a special sponge, which you can buy e.g. at Rossmann (such sponge is more ecological because it is reusable).
Soak the cotton pads or sponge with warm water, squeeze out excess water and begin to wash the mask off the face. After each washing of the face fragment, rinse the cotton pads or sponge with warm water and squeeze out excess water. We repeat the procedure until the mask disappears from our face.
After washing the mask completely, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores. I remind you that you dry your face gently, preferably with a paper towel.

What to put on after the mask?

After the mask, I usually tap the serum (recently it is a Resibo serum that strives to be my favorite. Will it happen? We'll see), and then I put on my favorite cream (usually Bandi with mandelic acid). After this treatment your skin will be radiant and smooth.