Denko: February 2016

I invite you to another female-male bottom. This month, something new has appeared in the bottom.

face care

  1. Artemis, moisturizing mask on a cotton sheet - I received the mask for testing at the Douglas Beauty Institute. She was praised to the heavens, but she did nothing good for me. Unfortunately, after using it I got terrible allergy. Plus the mask is such that it is very heavily soaked, and this liquid is nothing but a serum from the same company (at a regular price of over PLN 100!)
  2. Alterra, lime oil - I used oil for make-up removal. Nice smell, washes away makeup (main Asian BB cream) well, it didn't clog me.
  3. Soraya, apricot peeling - this peeling was one year old! It is very efficient, has quite large abrasive particles. Suitable for all skin types, but I do not recommend for sensitive skin due to large abrasive particles.
  4. Sylveco, a linden micellar fluid - I still have a huge hit. Natural composition, nicely removes makeup. What more could you want?

In the shower

  1. Alterra, lime shower gel - no matter if we buy the fragrance or fragrance version. Alterra shower gel is always a great choice, I recommend Piotr!;)
  2. Alterra, orange and vanilla shower gel - it's probably my favorite shower gel from this company. It is dense, which makes it very efficient. And this smell ... is really beautiful!

Hair styling

  1. got2b, volumania hairspray - very nice varnish. It does not stick hair and most importantly - it does not suffocate when using it. I am currently testing a second bottle. I think his separate review will appear.
  2. Loreal, Infinium strong hairspray - I will not write about it because of its separate review recently (click), It stylizes men's hair very well. Does not stick them.
  3. Lee Stafford, As Ruff As You Like - the paste is ideal for modeling short hair with medium and very long hair we will not achieve the intended effect. Now I only style my hair with the help of hairspray.


  1. Sylveco, peeling lipstick - copes well with protruding, dry skin, moisturizes and smells nicely.
  2. Bath & Body Works, cinnamon sweet pumpkin hand gel - I used this gel for a long time (since autumn). A beautiful fragrance, efficient. This company's antibacterial gel is always in my purse. I don't like the new packaging very much (the old ones were better in my opinion.
  3. Wibo, lipstick No. 07 - nice color and effect on the lips. Unfortunately, it emphasized my dry skin on the lips, so before using it I had to do a peeling with Sylveco lipstick. The price is low and the quality is not bad.

Our house

  1. Fink & Sauber, multifunctional cloths - most often use these cloths to wipe the dust. We have dark furniture on which every powder can be seen, which is why you often have to wipe off dust. These cloths are great for this. Available in Rossmann.
  2. BestView, glasses cleaning cloth - cloths are great for persistent dirt, but their smell irritates me and irritates my eyes. Last time I decided to buy them.
  3. Domol, anti-dye wipes - I have already described this product here. I am still adding these handkerchiefs so I don't have to worry about getting some dyed clothes from the washing machine.
  4. Domestos, 24 h plus - Cleans very well and apparently kills all germs. Unfortunately, it can't handle the stone.
  5. Domol, a liquid that protects a washing machine from limescale - I use one liquid cap for each wash. We have very hard water and I believe that if it weren't for this liquid it would have been stone long ago.
  6. Domol, liquid for cleaning chromed surfaces - an ideal product for cleaning our sink. Copes well with every dirt. All I can do is stand his smell.