Denko: January 2016

In the shower

  1. Facelle, intimate hygiene gel 50 plus - another packaging used, another packaging bought. Detailed review: click
  2. Gliss Kur, hair repair, hair mask - a very decent hair mask that needs something stronger in the autumn and winter. Does not burden the hair, causes that it does not frizz. The smell reminds me of the Loreal absolut repair mask, which I reviewed a long time ago here.
  3. Sylveco, oat and wheat shampoo - another favorite that even appeared in the note with the favorites of the year 2015 (click). You can find his detailed review here: click
(facelle, gliss kur, sylveco)

face care

  1. Bandi, cream with pyruvic, azelaic and salicylic acid - it didn't work for me completely. It caused spillage and terrible dryness. You can find his review here.
  2. Sylveco, a light marigold cream - very light cream, moisturizes. He doesn't spill me over him. I have been using it for several months, now interchangeably with Resibo nutritional cream.
  3. Bandi, Young Care matting cream - It didn't work on my skin. It gave a really good mat, but it whitened. In addition, I have the impression that the rash was intensifying. I will definitely not go back to him.
  4. Colloidal Silver - our favorite in the fight against acne. Colloidal silver has antibacterial properties. We rinse mouth 2 with silver a day, morning and evening.
(Bandi, Sylveco, Alter Medica, Colloidal silver)

Body care

  1. Soraya Express Bronze 3 at 1 - I received the product for testing, but only now I was able to use it to the end. With regular use, it actually gives the skin a healthy color. It is worth using it also in winter. Moisturizes well, smells nice (not like a typical self-tanner). You can find his review here.
  2. Etja, carrot seed oil - I applied it on my body (I combined with babydream fur mama oil) and on my hair. In both cases it worked very well. Has one minus - dirty clothes.
  3. Gal, moisturizing cream with evening primrose oil - the assumption was that Piotr used it for daily care. Due to the paraffin in the composition, I used it to moisturize my hands. It is very difficult to spread, it leaves an unpleasant layer. Total sell.
(Soraya etja, gal)


  1. BestView, wipes for cleaning Rossmann glasses - an invention without which our glasses would be in a deplorable condition. Clean well without leaving streaks. The only thing that bothers me is this quite intense fragrance.
  2. Max Factor False Lash - mascara that does wonders with my eyelashes. In hand with base for Eveline mascara lengthens my eyelashes and curls up. I am currently testing Kobo mascara, which gives a very natural effect, but soon I will reveal this mascara with a novelty on the Polish market. I don't want to reveal the details yet, but it will happen 😉
  3. Vegevit, vit. B12 - about how important vitamin supplementation is I have already written B12 (especially on a vegetarian and vegan diet) here. We currently drink 3 tablets once a week. We don't drink B12 every day.
  4. Eveline, nail polish remover - this one remover I was a year old! It is really very efficient and comfortable. Packaging with a pump allows minor corrections even when painting nails.
  5. Eveline, base and eyelash serum - another gem of the Eveline company that has been with me for years. Thanks to this product, the mascara looks better and the eyelashes are not damaged when applying them with mascara.
  6. Prestige, hyaluronic eye pads - do you need the wow effect after a sleepless night? Use these petals! This is a typical banquet product that gives an immediate but short-term effect. After use, the skin is tense, moisturized and brightened.
(Rossmann, Vegewit, Eveline, Max Factor)

Perfect Housewife

  1. Brise, an air freshener - air freshener used in a specific model of battery fresheners (with motion sensor). This version is my favorite because it smells of fresh laundry, cleanliness ... I love this fragrance. It is a pity that these fragrances are so expensive.
  2. Pronto, multisurface - It has a nice smell, it actually works. Our apartment is very dusty, and this is the only product that can handle it. Does not leave streaks or streaks. It is very efficient.
  3. Cif against stone - unfortunately it cannot cope with very hard water. The best turns out to be further vinegar mixed with water. Bubel.
(Brise, Glade, Pronto, Cif)