Small things that make a relationship better

Small things that make a relationship better
Small things that make a relationship better

We have been together with Piotr since the first year of undergraduate studies. In August 2015, we celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Is that a lot Sure you say no, but for us time flies very quickly. Together we have been over 7 years. Many times we find ourselves as if we have always been together. Wont?! Monotony?! There is no such thing in our relationship and we will try to make it never happen. The small things make us better.

Common dreams, hobbies or work

You must find something in your relationship that will connect you. They can be shared dreams, hobbies or work. When we started the new project, everyone at work wondered how we could work together, live together and still blog. Everything probably is the result of the fact that we just like to spend time together, we often deal with various issues (related to work or blog), and we also discuss. We talk a lot with each other, although there are also times when you don't even want to talk. It's normal, everyone needs time just for themselves and with each other.
For me, the best way to relax alone is to write a new blog post, play Simsa 4 or read a book. I do these three activities in complete solitude and concentration, even when Piotr is next to me.

How did it happen that we work together?

Returning, however, to work together, because I know that many of you are interested in this issue, our first work together (yes, there were more of them) was a matter of chance.
I worked in a loan company. I didn't feel well there because I had questions of conscience at the back of my head - it wasn't a fair company. I started looking for a job, until I found an intermediary office, i.e. a company that takes over the recruitment process from various companies. When I was going for an interview, I didn't know which company I applied to. My experience corresponded to the advertisement, and the scope of duties seemed interesting.
When I found out about the company at the recruitment interview, I couldn't help smiling. I immediately called Piotr and said that I was going to the second stage to his company.
As it was a very large company, 30 people appeared on the recruitment process, from which I was selected to one of the departments. This is how our first joint work began. We were in various departments, but we worked together. Together we commuted to work, spent breaks and returned home.
When Piotr left this company I felt a kind of "emptiness". Fortunately, it didn't last long, because in Piotr's new company a department was created in which I started working. After almost a year of cooperation, our paths diverged, which I do not regret, because at the end of cooperation I was moved to a department that was completely not my fairy tale.
Eternal gossip, understatement and scandals created by people who took pleasure when something happened to someone. I do not tolerate such a thing in my private life, much less at work. Unfortunately, some just have such a character, and the best we can do is to get away from such people as far as possible. Later we started our business and we stick to it to this day.

Joint meditation

At first, only I meditated, and in time persuaded Piotr to meditate with me. For once, try it. Piotr liked it so much that now we regularly meditate together before bedtime. This is our way to wind down after a long day, which is usually full of excitement.

Mutual understanding, patience and success

We don't always understand each other. We both have strong characters (although I'm a goddamn person, and Piotr is the one who stops me) and we have a sharp exchange of opinions. Nevertheless, we often deal with each other. This is a good way, because only mutual understanding and patience can succeed together. Thanks to this, every day the relationship gets better.

How to create a perfect relationship?

We met Piotr at the beginning of the first year of undergraduate studies, in August last year we celebrated the first wedding anniversary of the so-called paper anniversary. We had our ups and downs, as it probably happens in every relationship, but in fact we can boast of a successful relationship.
How to create a perfect relationship?

It takes time to create the perfect relationship. The need for mutual understanding. You just have to feel good in your company.

Together at work, together at the university are you still running a blog ?!

When new people learn that we have been studying and working together for several years, the question arises, "How do you do it? Don't you get bored with being 24 / 24 ?! ”Well, no, because we take studies, work and the blog seriously and focus on our duties.
We always try to spend a lot of time together, we discuss the implementation of ideas for a blog. We make decisions together. We also study for exams together, because it's easier for us. We do a lot of things together, but to be honest I don't feel too much about Piotr, although sometimes we all need a moment for ourselves.

You need to talk in a relationship, not keep quiet. You cannot allow a situation where the conversation is based only on commands and short messages.

Then Piotr usually plays on the console Xbox Oneand I read a book or do something on the blog. Although we do something separately, we are still in the same room.
We have common passions, but we also have things that define us. For Piotr it is definitely football, for me reading books that I absorb in huge quantities (that's why I bought Pocket Lux Touch 2 readerwhich I am very happy with).
I never thought of spending time together as something bad. And that's probably the point - we just like to be together and do different things. Even those we don't do together.

Support your other half

Even if you think your second half's plan is totally crazy and you know it won't work, you are the one who needs to show understanding and support.
It is so with us that we both motivate ourselves. We often come up with different (sometimes completely unreal) ideas, but there is always support in the other person. And although it happens that we do not implement these ideas at all, and even forget about them - what counts is the feeling that you have a person who supports you in this.

Perfect relationship - does such a thing even exist ?!

At the beginning of our relationship, I took some things too seriously. It also happened that I was offended by anything. Fortunately, I'm over and today I'm trying to take things easy. Observing couples among our friends who are at various stages of the relationship, I notice some behaviors that characterize the subsequent stages of break-in.
In relationships that are just starting, you can see the ubiquitous jealousy (in our years it still occurs, but to a lesser extent, more reasonable), as well as frequent grinding about things that we, being at the current stage of the relationship, do not pay attention at all.
I believe that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every relationship with another person has its better and worse moments. The most important thing is to cultivate the relationship all the time and not to fall into a routine. And above all talk. Talking is the key to everything.

Longer separation causes the pairs to move away from each other. Unfortunately, sometimes the realities do not allow for another solution.

I often see couples who gradually move away from each other. I never knew what the reason was, but over the years and observations I came to the conclusion that they lacked conversation. Over time, small lies also appeared that fueled more. For the most part, these couples have already split up, or are balancing on the border (reason, because there are children, which I think is not good. I think that when parents are not happy, the child is not).
So if you want your relationship to grow, and you, together with it, you need to talk to each other. I recommend taking some time after dinner, before going to bed or at any other time to talk to each other. About everything - how was your day, what did you achieve, what did you fail to do. Such a conversation will benefit both, because it is during the conversation that new ideas and solutions are born.

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