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Secrets of the Castle - a book for which to start the night

I read a lot, but I don't say much about the books that go through my hands. Well, unless one of them makes a really good impression on me, like the one I want to recommend to you today.
Lucinda Riley's book "Castle Secrets" fell into my hands by accident when I was looking for something to read. The book description interested me so much that I decided to buy an ebook.
The story is about the fate of Emilie, a veterinarian who could never communicate with her mother. Emilie is the only heir to the castle who initially wanted to sell the monument, just so as not to scratch the wounds of the past. After a few nights spent in her family home, however, she decided to preserve and restore it.

What happened later allows you to forget about the real world for hours. A woman who escaped responsibility was put in a difficult situation. Then he meets his future husband, who becomes a cure for all evil. Are you sure their meeting was accidental? Or maybe the bottom is hidden here?

In the rest of the book, we learn about the story of her grandmother, husband Emilie, who was a secret agent fighting the German authorities in France during the occupation. The book describes her actions, dilemmas, homesickness and the fight against the inner desire to care for the good of the people she stays with. The desire to strive for peace will cause the heroine to face really difficult decisions.

What do Emilie's family and her husband's grandmother have in common? What secrets is hidden in the mysterious man who became the husband of Emilie? Is this true love? You can find out by reading a book. Warning! The book is really addictive 😉


  1. Avatar Gaja 27 July 2016 / 19: 09

    I didn't read, but why not 🙂

  2. Avatar Milena M. 27 July 2016 / 18: 20

    I was interested in this book.

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