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Tangle Teezer compact silver

Even as a little girl, I didn't like combing my hair. I associated this activity with terrible pain and pulling hair. Nowadays, hair-lovers are racing to come up with newer and newer gadgets to facilitate combing, care, etc. One of the gadgets that have recently won the hearts of long-haired people is tanglee teezer. Although I still don't like combing my hair, I have to from time to time. Especially when I have conditioner on my hair.
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I bought the teze teezer and decided on the compact version, because I liked the patent with a protective "bristle" pad. I also liked the elegant look of the silver version and the protective pouch. Now I can take my own tangle teezer on a journey, without fear that something will happen to him during the journey. At the beginning I was not positive about this brush, but over time I became convinced. I wasn't sure if a piece of plastic would massacre my delicate and thin hair. Fortunately, I don't use tanglee teezer often enough to cause split ends or hair breakage.
I am not a hair maniac and I do not pay too much attention to hair care. I focus only on delicate shampoo, conditioner and oil. I apply the mask maximum once a month. I've never had a problem with split ends. Twice in my life I had dandruff after Timotei shampoo. I apply Tanglee teezer before applying oil or a mask to my hair, i.e. around 4 times a month. Sometimes more often - when I tie my hair into a ponytail and require them to be fairly straight.
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The brush does its job. As I wrote, I do not use it often, but the manufacturer's promise that it does not pull hair and combs tangles well (oh, there were such ...) is fulfilled in 100%. I've been growing my hair for about half a year. Even 2 years ago I had a hair that worked perfectly with my curly hair. Unfortunately, during the regrowth, the hair layer began to become terribly tangled.

I do not regret buying, because I can not imagine combing these tangles on the scalp with a simple brush. I would probably break out of pain 😉 I think tanglee teezer will appeal to girls with straight hair, because I noticed that when combing it causes an optical push up effect. With curls, it works only when using conditioners (great scalp massage) or growing hair. Unfortunately, I don't remember how much I paid for my brush because I bought it a long time ago (in November 2013).


  1. Avatar Kateeland 18 July 2014 / 18: 30

    I also have curly hair. I will definitely buy this wonder 🙂

  2. Avatar Onyxia 13 July 2014 / 19: 59

    I also bought a compact version, but in gold. I really like her. ;]

  3. Avatar rokiowca 13 July 2014 / 19: 02

    I also somehow bought my TT compact brush at the time, which was a fake, but I gave it 40 PLN and it is fun. Even earlier on Ebay I bought this simple fake and it did not work. Now I got TT splash for my birthday and it works very well. Somehow I did not believe in the miracle of this brush and yet someone had an idea and implemented it well.

  4. Avatar Magdalena B. 13 July 2014 / 15: 14

    I came to the conclusion that such a brush is not necessary for my waves and I gave up the purchase.

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