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Cheap / expensive cosmetics

With cosmetics it is so that they either serve our skin or do not suit us completely. Many times the products praised into the heavens have not worked for me completely (e.g. soap) aleppowhich sensitized me to the limit.)
Perhaps most of you have noticed that in the notes I write the price of the product and I do not consider it in the category "cheap / expensive" because it is an individual matter. For one product for over 100 PLN. it can be cheap, and for the other this amount can be very high.
I do not think that only high-end cosmetics (such as Chanel, Dior) are noteworthy, because on the shelves in Rossmann or Hebe you can also find pearls (e.g. Eveline lipstick aqua platinium, which has become my big favorite).
With time, when I gained more cosmetic awareness, as well as my earnings became higher - I began to reach for cosmetics that I could not afford. And so I became the owner of Dr G BB cream, Mac lipsticks or Chanel nail polishes.
I do not buy products that do not suit me, but I rely on proven cosmetics. Checked, i.e. those that serve my skin. I have several of my favorites that I stick to e.g. Max Factor False Lash mascara, BB cream Dr G, Sylveco linden micellar fluid or Sally Hansen or Chanel nail polishes that stick to my nails much longer than, for example, Wibo or Lovely.
Probably for many of you finding cosmetic favorites and sticking to them for a long time may seem boring (which woman does not like to test new products ?!), but it is nice to have your "base" of favorite cosmetics, which you can be sure you will never fail.


  1. Avatar Classy Simple Life 10 January 2016 / 00: 52

    I buy cosmetics in a different price range. Some are expensive, others very cheap. Personally, for me the most important issue is whether the cosmetic meets my expectations - Regards 🙂

  2. Avatar Ginger G 12 October 2015 / 11: 47

    I am constantly discovering something new, because I like new things, but the fact I have some products that I will never change.

  3. Avatar Ewelina K. 10 October 2015 / 14: 43

    I buy from various price shelves, from cheaper to selective. You can choose something interesting from each;)

  4. Avatar Beauty Land 9 October 2015 / 09: 56

    Of course, you can't consider a cosmetic, product or even clothes in the price-only category, because who buys cheap clothes usually throws money away. You have to consider the benefits of whether the given item will really serve us, what about cheap cream if it doesn't work, because the composition is poor, or what about cheap shoes that fall apart after a month and I need to buy another one.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 10 October 2015 / 05: 31

      With shoes, it's a different story at all. Sometimes I buy shoes at CCC and they hold for a really long time, and sometimes they can be thrown away after a few months. It depends how you get it. If they already look like they were going to break up in the store, there is nothing to buy. Recently, more often I buy more expensive shoes, which I have for longer - I recommend shoes from Clarks - they are well made. I have a pair of wedges for fall in 3 or 4 year 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 October 2015 / 11: 47

      Cool! Let me know how it works with you. This is my huge favorite 🙂

  5. Avatar magdahom 8 October 2015 / 19: 48

    In my experience, cheap drugstore cosmetics (up to PLN 20) are usually chemistry itself, which does more harm than good. In turn, brands from Sephora or Douglas often drive their brand. In my opinion, the best cosmetics can be found on the internet and they are natural cosmetics, price 40-100 PLN.
    Is it expensive If one considers that a good (effective) cosmetic consists of, among others high-quality ingredients, recipe, human labor, production cost, testing costs and market approval - in my opinion, no.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 October 2015 / 11: 46

      Phenome has very nice cosmetics. Unfortunately, you have to pay for quality. Yes, you can find pearls for a few zlotys, but more often it happens that a really good product is more expensive.

    • Avatar magdahom 9 October 2015 / 13: 14

      I've heard about this brand, but I haven't tried it yet. Do you recommend something specific?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 October 2015 / 13: 21

      Sugar mask and peeling (2 in 1) for the face and foot scrub are my favorite products of this company 🙂

    • Avatar magdahom 9 October 2015 / 19: 14

      Hmm, I looked at cosmetics and they have very promising compositions! Especially the presence in cosmetics for skin with imperfections of my favorite green tea, which brilliantly reduces pores. I think he'll try creams - after a long use, the Resibo cream has proved to be a profession 🙁

  6. Avatar Long hair 8 October 2015 / 19: 08

    As you say - an individual matter 😉

  7. Avatar Marzena T. 8 October 2015 / 18: 57

    The price of the cosmetics must pay off for me. Although I usually buy those at a lower price shelf (unfortunately I earn peanuts), I buy something more expensive once in a while and I don't feel bad about it. I think that sometimes it is worth spending more but for a cosmetic worth the price. More than once, something more expensive turned out to be a flop and I regretted the purchase. Not once did the cosmetics do so well that I didn't regret a single zloty.

  8. Avatar nika88 8 October 2015 / 18: 56

    A cheap / expensive cosmetic is a long topic 🙂 I, for example, am able to pay more for face care cosmetics than for the body, for good-quality colors, for mineral foundations or for cosmetics with a natural composition.
    In turn, for cosmetics that I use quickly, I try not to spend too much, as with shampoos, cleansing gels (although the exception is Avene face wash gel - my favorite, but it is very efficient, so the price decomposes). 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 October 2015 / 11: 48

      I have never given more than PLN 20 for shower gel. Why and so goes with the water, hehe;))

  9. Avatar Mrs.Rose 8 October 2015 / 17: 53

    I like to test new products, and I like searching for cheap pearls even more, if something costs a few zlotys and works like a product for several dozen zlotys, I will certainly be faithful to this cheaper equivalent.

  10. Avatar king naturally 8 October 2015 / 16: 51

    Exactly! Just because you can buy something in Sephora for PLN 300 does not mean that it will work great. It's worth having your mind 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 October 2015 / 11: 48

      First of all, you need to read cosmetics compositions and reviews about them 🙂

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