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Note drastic photos - animal testing

I planned this note for a long time, but I didn't have enough courage to bring up the subject. For several days I have been waging a stormy war on one of the Internet forums about testing cosmetics / medicines on animals. Have you ever wondered what needs to happen for a cosmetic / medicine to reach general access? Yes, it must pass the tests.

As it is known on people, testing is prohibited only with the consent of the person who is testing a given product, I once heard that you could test some medications, but before that you had to sign a document saying that in case of any complications etc. the above company does not take legal liability.

animal testing
As a human being is a rational being that cosmetics companies can defend themselves and not only decided to test their products on animals. What are the effects of this? Such that every day, every hour, every second, innocent beings die.
testing cosmetics on rabbits
As I mentioned - I raised this topic on one of the online forums, where it sounded that it is better to test on animals than on humans. And I ask - why? Why should animals that have no opposition have to suffer ?! Someone said these animals are specially bred. Nonsense. An animal is an animal. And let's stick to it. Everyone has a mind, has feelings and, above all, a desire to survive. We're in the middle of adopting a bunny. I can't imagine anyone testing any cosmetics or medicines on it ... it's a being to love, not kill ...
animal drug testing

You may think I'm crazy etc. but I won't be indifferent to this topic and I will fight it in every possible way. And I will encourage everyone I meet on my way. If this is not enough for you - I recommend the video: click

I encourage you to oppose animal testing via Facebook: click
What do you think about testing cosmetics / medicines on animals? Do you also think that somehow you need to test these products? I would love to hear your opinions.


  1. Avatar Ktośnapewno 21 July 2019 / 00: 24

    I know this story exactly, so you shouldn't suggest the price, personally, for example, I'm looking for products with a bunny, which means that the products are not tested on animals? And 2023 is to enter a total ban on testing and selling things tested on animals, but this does not mean that things that are on store shelves by change will have to disappear, they will not sell, which is in my opinion a terrible idea ... I personally am a vegetarian I don't like to hurt animals, I love everyone? I don't know how to do such great harm to innocent little beings? Best regards!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      21 July 2019 / 12: 34

      People are cruel not only for animals but also for other people. When I read that someone buried a dog alive or threw it because it is going on vacation it makes me sick. I really don't know what these people are guided by. We, as we had our beloved ear, did not go on vacation for a simple reason - I missed him very much and I could not enjoy the trip. We preferred to spare ourselves nerves rather than stress the whole trip. I miss him every day 🙁

  2. Avatar Zlodziejserca 16 January 2019 / 22: 50

    This is a scandal, companies test cosmetics on innocent animals that are unable to say that they are suffering. These cosmetics are intended for our use, so they should be tested on people. When the downy bunny finds that he wants to create a brand for other downy rabbits then dear will, this product will be for them. I have a dog that I love more than life and defend her in every situation because she can't even though she is brave. From day to day I have the impression that we are losing humanity, now there is a voice about the desire to kill boars, due to illness, people's inventions know no borders ...

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 16 January 2019 / 23: 14

      For me, this whole situation with killing boars is downright pathological! Man's destruction of the planet is a scandal! We poison ourselves not only with food, but even with air, some more and we will have to run away from Earth because it will be toxic. In retrospect, the 100 series doesn't seem to be so sf at all.

      People do not respect each other, nor do they respect living beings. Every day, thousands are killed if no more animals for food. How are cows or pigs worse than a dog, cat or rabbit? Until people's thinking changes, such things will happen. Animal testing is prohibited in Europe, but not in Asia. And what do European brands do? They test in China. It is sad that innocent animals die (in what suffering) 🙁

  3. Avatar Unknown 16 March 2017 / 09: 56

    Girls, to make it clear I do not absolutely support animal testing to create another "miracle" cream but when it comes to medicines your view will change radically when you or someone close to you seriously falls ill and the only life-saving drug will be a specimen that has been tested on animals . I say no to the tests of cosmetics companies but pharmacy is a completely different story ...

    • Avatar [Email protected] 16 March 2017 / 10: 02

      Unfortunately, I do not agree with you. There are other methods, but simply animal testing is cheaper. I don't understand why animals have to suffer for people. Who is a man to decide on this ?!

  4. Avatar Frida 7 September 2015 / 15: 15

    I thought the topic was obvious and I see a real discussion ensued. I will only add a quote from myself that once occurred to me. "The Holocaust begins in the human head when it passes by the slaughterhouse and thinks that it's just animals." The way we treat animals shows what people we are. At what level of cruelty is our civilization probably does not need to be made aware of anyone ... and somewhere it always has its beginning, right?

  5. Avatar So alice 7 September 2015 / 14: 34

    Poor animals ... It's good that you raised this topic, definitely more should be talked about ...

  6. Avatar Łukasz Bier 7 September 2015 / 13: 01

    most of the cosmetics we have on animals are unfortunately tested (e.g. Loreal Group - see how many of these groups associate brands) ... the subject of the river, however, if the manufacturer wants to go with his products to the Chinese market MUST test on zweirzet, that's why I hate China so much 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 September 2015 / 14: 00

      Yes it's true - Loreal, Garnier, Nivea ... they test for power. It annoys me the most that they deny it yet, lying straight in the eye.

  7. Avatar stupid heart 7 September 2015 / 12: 02

    Jesus, that's terrible! These animals clearly suffer! They are hurt and as usual at the hands of men, people are monsters I feel sorry for these poor defenseless animals and the owners of great expensive cosmetics companies suggest testing cosmetics on their children why not? They are also vulnerable! : /

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 September 2015 / 14: 08

      Unfortunately, companies have apely in their nose, and even threats - they don't do anything about it ... it's best to simply avoid cosmetics manufactured by companies that test on animals. Thanks to this, they will not be motivated to continue production.

  8. Avatar Sailing 7 September 2015 / 11: 17

    I will never understand how to hurt animals like that ... and I will never accept it.

  9. Avatar The Natural Minimalism 7 September 2015 / 08: 49

    It is actually shocking, although we do not realize it on a daily basis. I believe that you can't test on people or animals. I do not know exactly how this process looks from the creation of the cosmetic, to testing, etc. but probably not all cosmetics are tested on animals? these organic rather are not? I'm green in these matters. Maybe one more post extended to these issues 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 September 2015 / 10: 04

      No, organic cosmetics (with a special badge) are not tested on animals.

      Unfortunately, many companies test e.g. garnier or nivea, and they don't always admit it. Some companies test animals through another company, i.e. they actually test (and pretend not to).

      It's a great idea with this note, in addition, I can throw there cosmetics that I reviewed and are recommendable, and which are not tested on animals.

  10. Avatar Orange 6 September 2015 / 16: 44

    As for me, it's terrible and I don't understand how to be so cruel 🙂

  11. Avatar aknezz 6 September 2015 / 15: 14

    From what I know, the topic is rather outdated, because some time ago I was at some workshops of a cosmetics company and there was talk about the fact that nowadays cosmetics tests on animals are forbidden.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 September 2015 / 16: 43

      The topic is still valid - the ban on animal testing only covers the EU, and is still taking place outside its borders. Cosmetics companies have their own laboratories outside the EU, which means that they can continue to test with impunity.
      In addition, you are talking about cosmetics tests, and drug tests are still allowed.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 September 2015 / 16: 44

      The topic is still valid - the ban on animal testing only covers the EU, and is still taking place outside its borders. Cosmetics companies have their own laboratories outside the EU, which means that they can continue to test with impunity.
      In addition, you are talking about cosmetics tests, and drug tests are still allowed.

  12. Avatar kuba dak 19 May 2014 / 09: 13

    I think it is simply an idiot animal testing of cosmetic products. We could endure without cosmetics. We have our own opinion and animals don't? I would sign anything just to leave these animals alone. it is not respecting animals. I read the news today about 9 puppies that were saved by the Beagle Fredom Project foundation and for me they are called heroes because these dogs have been sitting in the laboratory for 6 years. I hope that scientists will come up with something and if not scientists this society how to prevent such treatment.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 19 May 2014 / 19: 32

      Unfortunately, cosmetics companies will probably be testing on animals for a long time. Recently, I listened calmly to older people saying that they opened an animal drug testing point. For me it's unacceptable.

  13. Avatar Anonymous 26 April 2012 / 12: 33

    As far as I know, testing of cosmetics and cosmetic raw materials on animals is already banned in the EU.
    It should also be remembered that testing cosmetics on animals was not mandatory and many companies did not often do so for financial reasons. Probably required tests of raw materials as concentrated ingredients and almost all cosmetics on the market contain some raw material that was once tested by someone.
    Most small cosmetics companies have nothing to do with testing, at the most, they use the test ingredients.
    To be honest in assessing which cosmetics were "tested", you need to check each raw material from its INCI under the account of even the most popular LD50 test. According to this criterion, almost every cosmetic is a yuck. Does this mean you shouldn't buy it? Rate yourself. Greetings.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 27 May 2012 / 18: 59

      Yes, it's just a pity that this is not observed by all cosmetics companies.
      Nothing will be achieved without objection. I can't understand why innocent animals are to suffer for us. I have a rabbit myself, if I think that little ones like him suffer, so that we people can enjoy another cream or hair shampoo - it turns me on.

      As I wrote - there are methods of testing not on animals, but they are more expensive, which is why they are not so widely used. Business is business. For me it is very unpleasant and completely incomprehensible.

  14. Avatar Greg 4 April 2012 / 20: 15


    I am glad that you raise this topic. I'm going to raise it myself on my blog.
    Such bestial and inhuman treatment of living beings is not and will never be understandable to me. I regret this uncommonly, but I am helpless in the face of this cruel phenomenon.
    All this scares me ....
    People wonder why so much evil, tragedy, etc. meet them.
    Let them look at the tragedy of these animals and relate it somehow to their lives ...

    Cruelty is not just testing, but the slaughterhouse, how we get meat perfectly and accurately depicts the movie "Earthlings" can be viewed on Youtube. I wonder how many of you watched him?

    I cordially greet and personally thank you very much for raising this topic.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 27 May 2012 / 19: 01

      I am pleased that you support my thoughts on animal testing.

      The more people will raise this topic through blogs or websites - the more cosmetics companies will start thinking about it and maybe finally something can be changed! the most important thing is not to give up and act in the name of your beliefs!

  15. Avatar PoKaPoKa 23 March 2012 / 07: 08

    If there are companies on the market that do not test on animals and have very good cosmetics, why buy the tested ones? Apparently some do not care about the fate of animals and they think that since tested it is better, and this is nonsense for me!

  16. Avatar Anonymous 22 March 2012 / 21: 35

    In that case, since we assume that these animals are so poor ... We should stop eating meat ... after all, it's barbarity to eat poor animals ... They also experience terrible torture when they go to the slaughterhouse / slaughterhouse and are killed in a cruel way - even electrocuted ... these are facts. So let's not get paranoid and accept that we are living in the 20th century. And really it is the death of these animals that gives more benefits than harm ...

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 23 March 2012 / 12: 18

      It could very well be said that the death of people in the name of war (e.g. World War II) is good.

    • Avatar sabina2268 7 May 2015 / 15: 13

      But you write stupidity until you don't want to read it. Are you for the tests because if they weren't there, for example mars bars, chips, etc.? I am not for animal tests because there was once not enough chemistry and people were healthier. As for drug testing no sorry, but it is cancer cells that arise from these artificial food additives, on every label, even on baby milk, there is chemistry, for example E433. Do you think it's so healthy? Or one more year ago in America, a tiny monkey was examined, its eyes were sewn and such a thing was given to the head, the study was to be blind, which turned out to be ineffective and this University was condemned for it. What is the benefit of animal death what?

  17. Avatar Anonymous 22 March 2012 / 15: 23

    In my opinion, animal testing is necessary ... I used to not think so, I thought like D&P, but my view on these matters has changed.
    Animal testing is one of the last stages of drug / cosmetic testing before being tested on humans. Yes, all these drugs / cosmetics are tested on people before they go on sale. Animals that have not been thoroughly tested are not tested on animals.
    If we stop testing on animals, we will stand still because it will be even difficult to invent new drugs ... I am in favor of testing on animals, because at this point I do not know another reliable method of checking whether a given product will not hurt a person ...

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 22 March 2012 / 19: 15

      Of course, there are other methods, only they are more expensive, and companies save at the expense of poor animals ...

  18. Avatar HaloGosza 21 March 2012 / 23: 21

    I don't believe anyone was able to do that ...

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 23 March 2012 / 12: 18

      Unfortunately you have to believe. These are the realities :(

  19. Avatar sizar 21 March 2012 / 21: 01

    For me, there is already enough (and even much more than) the number of tested cosmetics. If someone wants to sacrifice themselves for the illusion of the beauty of others, let them sign these papers and test. However, to do such things as in the pictures (assuming they are authentic) in order to create a new cream that will work almost the same as one thousand five hundred and one hundred and nine hundred other creams is an inflection. I understand drug testing, but cosmetics? And who needs more cosmetics?

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 22 March 2012 / 08: 59

      Unfortunately they are. Leaked thanks to someone who worked in a laboratory. I do not know if you watched the movie, how I watched it tears trickle down to me! :( it's terrible, and the most terrible that it's all in the name of our care :(

  20. Avatar Anonymous 21 March 2012 / 20: 34

    I will speak and please do not beat.

    Well - at the beginning let me note that D&P did a slight manipulation here - that is - yes, I know that this is an article in the form of a column, and as such it presents an opinion and is not objective - but it also contains an invitation to debate, so ...? Well, it favors a thesis in advance (in terms of presentation and graphic form - that is, the selection of photos).

    When it comes to testing itself. I will say this - I agree that somehow products should be tested. Animals, however evil they may seem, are a lesser evil. At this point, science knows no other forms of testing cosmetics and other products. "Innocent beings" die every day. Every day in such Chechnya, 200 people are killed daily, and over a hundred women are raped there (why nobody talks about it). In Syria, about 5000 (!!!) people have been murdered for half a year. The innocent. Many children in it. The argument that animals are innocent beings and their deaths should especially hurt us, however, I find it insufficient. At the moment, there is NO other way to test cosmetics and although I consider such a practice shameful, I am able to understand the motivations of producers and scientists. Which, however, does not absolve us from looking at concerns. Maybe it is worth lobbying for the "cosmetic" corporations to devote their powerful profits to the development of ... new technologies for testing their products. This is a solution!

    Greetings to D&P from A.

    • Avatar Anonymous 21 March 2012 / 22: 02

      But these women and children do not die in the name of our creams and perfumes. I don't think it's a bit nice to compare war with cream. The animal has the same pain receptors as we do, it experiences trauma and fear, but has fewer rights and is defenseless because its life and suffering are underestimated. There are alternative methods of testing, but they are more expensive ... I do not beat, just sensing your good intentions, I do not agree 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 23 March 2012 / 12: 19

      Yes, as I wrote, there are other methods of testing, but they are more expensive and therefore they are not so common. It is cheaper to buy an animal for testing than to invest in more expensive methods.

  21. Avatar Anonymous 21 March 2012 / 20: 16

    Poor animals !!!!!

  22. Avatar Anonymous 21 March 2012 / 20: 15

    Such people should sit in a psychiatrician or something worse. !!!!

  23. Avatar Anonymous 21 March 2012 / 20: 12

    This is a massacre. ! I support.!

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