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Action: I don't buy a cosmetic until I diminish the previous one!

You remember Action under the slogan: I am a conscious consumer? You can take part in the Action all the time, and today I invite you to another Action, which inspired me changes.

I used to accumulate a lot of cosmetics, today I am a minimalist and I feel good about it.

I announce the action: I do not buy a cosmetic until I diminish the previous one!

Show that you also do not have cabinets full of cosmetics. Why do 3 blushes or 4 eye pencils ?!

I invite you to participate in the Action :) Just paste the banner below on your blog, facebook or anywhere and stick to the golden rule: You will not buy cosmetics until you diminish the previous one.

I will also be pleased if you write a few words on this blog about this Action 🙂

Banner to download (if someone would like a different size, please ask for info):


  1. Avatar Moniaa 10 February 2015 / 19: 32

    Oh I would like to join but it's difficult for me to stop myself when I see something in a very good promotion, but I never open it when I don't use the previous one 🙂

  2. Avatar K. Kasieńka 8 February 2015 / 18: 56

    I think each of us comes to a time where we just come to the conclusion - why do we need 5 foundations, 4 bronzers and 5 rose ... I've spent the entire previous year consuming leftovers and duplicate items - and it's pretty cool to have this one foundation, one powder! Good luck to you all! ; *

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 9 February 2015 / 19: 49

      Oh, so even very cool 🙂 and what space saving 😀

  3. Avatar Monika 6 February 2015 / 08: 59

    I join the action! I will mention her in the next note 🙂

  4. Avatar Alicja Kozubska 3 February 2015 / 21: 18

    As a make-up artist, I collect color, but everything is within reason. I have a handful of skincare cosmetics because I use mainly natural oils and liniments that you can't accumulate 🙂

  5. Avatar 111 Strudel 3 February 2015 / 18: 23

    I buy, because sometimes I get a promotion, but I do not open until I use the previous one ;-) I usually have another cosmetic in stock.

  6. Avatar GumaDoZuciax3 3 February 2015 / 17: 48

    I don't want to, but they must take part in this action! Maybe then I'll learn how to use it first, before I buy another cosmetic 😀 I throw the banner into myself.

  7. Avatar Kamila 3 February 2015 / 16: 27

    3 roses and 4 crayons are not much, unless they are in the same colors.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 3 February 2015 / 18: 43

      But why need roses 3? ; P, just one good wystarczy

    • Avatar kaminska 6 February 2015 / 09: 00

      I totally agree, one good is enough 😉

  8. Avatar Elżbieta K. 3 February 2015 / 16: 10

    I used Avon blush for at least two years almost every day and I used 10% 😀 I have the same bronzer for a year and there is no cavity: D I am not surprised that someone will buy the next one because I bought it because I got angry: D but generally I understand what's going on so as not to crack, because it really doesn't make sense. I think that cosmetics manufacturers know that they have us in hand and we will buy another lip gloss, varnish or powder though the predecessor is not used :)

  9. Avatar nude shades 3 February 2015 / 15: 51

    Roses my love. I have a few and one palette - I won't give it back, it's hard not to use it, but I love it and don't want to change it: D for that I stick to the 1 principles of mascara / eyeliner / powder.

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