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Three applications that are worth knowing and having on your smartphone

3 Android applications that are worth knowing
There are such cool Android applications that I wanted to recommend to you today. In February I was forced to restore my phone to factory settings. For some time now, the Sony Xperia Z1 compact smartphone was crumbling and hanging. The day came and finally I downloaded everything to the memory card and pressed the 'restore to factory settings' button. It helped. We'll see for how long, but I have to wait until December, because then the contract ends. I don't know yet whether I will stay in the current network or switch to another one. We will see what they propose. Of course, I already know what I want - silver iPhone 6s 32 GB or 7 32 GB iPhonebut not today. Today, what Android apps are worth having on your smartphone.
Restoring to factory settings also removed all applications that I used (some of them I reinstalled, e.g. Facebook page manager, Instagram, Boomerang, Layout, Facebook, Messanger or WeChat, which is used to communicate with my colleagues) or about the existence of I did not remember. 3 Android apps that I would like to recommend to you today have jumped in their place.

Health season

This is a very simple application that I liked immediately. It is nothing else but a calendar showing fruits and vegetables for which the season is. The application also shows what the season will be in the coming days. This greatly facilitates healthy, seasonal shopping. I don't know about you, but I'm a fan of the seasonal menu. Although sometimes I feel like something that is imported, but I try to eat what is available at a given time. It is much easier to plan the menu with this application.
If you also pay attention to seasonality, I recommend this application.

Become veg

I downloaded this application mainly because of the delicious recipes we get every day, as well as advice on vegetarian and vegan diets. This is a great option for those who want to go on a vegetarian diet, but do not know what to eat being on such a diet.

A wise word for today

Another simple, but very interesting application. Every day at a selected time we get a word from the dictionary and its explanation. Do you know what incoherence is? If not, you will know for sure using the application. With this app you will enrich your dictionary with wise words. Never again will nobody surprise you during a conversation with a word you do not understand.


  1. Avatar Sun painted 28 March 2017 / 10: 50

    I did not know these applications.
    The one with the words is great. :)

  2. Avatar Kamila 6 March 2017 / 21: 08

    I still have kcalmara, endomondo and probably all those menus :)

  3. Avatar nieprzyzwoitka 6 March 2017 / 18: 09

    Health season - cool! And recently I use "healthy shopping" - it makes a lot easier :)

  4. Avatar bulejowska 6 March 2017 / 17: 25

    I also use Iphone, but I think it's easy to find replacements for these applications in a convenient system version. Some time ago I used an application similar to the last one, except that I received a new word in English every day 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 March 2017 / 19: 53

      Cool too! I had something similar before formatting the phone.

  5. Avatar Pokularna 6 March 2017 / 17: 00

    I am very curious about the application number 3 🙂 But 1 also nothing bad 😀

  6. Avatar Beatta Szcześniak 5 March 2017 / 21: 45

    I like the wise word for today, I subscribe to OWAD myself, or One Word A Day 🙂

  7. Avatar With an emphasis on happiness 5 March 2017 / 10: 40

    I use the above-mentioned season myself. I love seasonal fruit and everyone smells. For the rest I have to check 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 March 2017 / 19: 51

      I also try to cook seasonally. Sometimes, however, I feel like something from warm countries. We also love bananas.

  8. Avatar A cup of happiness 5 March 2017 / 10: 01

    I will definitely download this app with seasonal vegetables :) it will be useful 🙂

  9. Avatar Przemysław Piątek 3 March 2017 / 08: 34

    I have a list of probably 30 applications from which I start working with my phone. I can't imagine otherwise. 🙂 I've never tried such veg applications, somehow not my taste

    • Avatar [Email protected] 3 March 2017 / 08: 47

      Let me know what these apps are, I'd love to find out what's new. I just don't know how my phone will react 😀

  10. Avatar Classy Simple Life 2 March 2017 / 22: 44

    I have been using the iPhone 5S for several years and I can't imagine returning to any Android phone - although MM is his ardent supporter X I was interested in 2 from the Dominiko applications you proposed, so I have to make sure they are available on the iPhone - best regards 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 3 March 2017 / 08: 48

      I'm not surprised and we want to switch to the iPhone ourselves. They take great photos and the quality of recordings is also mega 😉

    • Avatar Classy Simple Life 3 March 2017 / 15: 10

      Unfortunately, the apps you recommend are not available on the iPhone 🙁 a pity because I liked them very much. On the iPhone, I totally agree with your opinion, Dominiko 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 3 March 2017 / 15: 29

      Android wins here, because most applications are on Android. Nevertheless, it doesn't convince me to stay with Android 😀

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