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Dressing table - the perfect makeup place for every woman

I dreamed of a dressing table since I was a child, but my parents were not eager to buy it. Piotr knew that I dreamed about a place for makeup, but the previous apartment in which we lived for several years did not allow this dream to come true - the apartment was too small and the vanity would simply not fit.

When we moved to a new apartment (I wrote about it here) I told Piotr that I may not have a wardrobe, bed or even a fridge, but I want a dressing table. Of course I was joking, but the dressing table was very high on my must have list. Initially, I wanted a dressing table Hemnes from Ikea, which probably everyone already knows, because it is very popular not only in the blogosphere, but also on Instagram.

Ikea Malm dressing table

In the end, however, I decided on the Malm model, which turned out to be a bull's-eye. The dressing table is very easy to assemble (apparently. I was even bigger than folding the dressing table and Piotr had to open and fold it again ...) and has a glass top. Initially, I thought it would scratch, but luckily nothing like this happens. I chose the dressing table Tinius stoolwhich I showed some time ago on Instagram. It is very comfortable and impresses with its appearance.

Malm dressing table has one long drawer, which is covered with soft felt. In addition, I bought 3 plastic organizers, thanks to which I can keep order in cosmetics. In Ikea I also bought a double-sided, round mirror, which unfortunately does not meet my expectations. I'm looking for a backlit mirror, but most of the ones I've found are very fat. Let me know in the comments if you know any mirrors (enlargement on one side, without on the other) worth recommending.


  1. Avatar Karolina Gie 5 December 2017 / 16: 12

    I am also thinking about the dressing table - my husband even found a place for me 🙂 But I need more drawers and I am just looking for an illuminated mirror because the dark corner 🙁

  2. Avatar onlydreams 21 November 2017 / 17: 56

    I have the same dressing table and I really like it, but it annoys me that it is dirty under this slide: /

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 22 November 2017 / 11: 04

      It is true. It also annoys me terribly 🙁

  3. Avatar little 20 November 2017 / 05: 10

    I also have this model, although unfortunately my glass has been scratched 🙁

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 20 November 2017 / 15: 24

      Gee, that's a shame. And probably the same glass can not be bought? I poured juice on the wicker chair cushion, and you can't buy the same pillow for this model in Ikea. It didn't pay to buy a new chair (I haven't gone crazy yet), so I bought a pillow in another shop.

  4. Avatar Eveline455 19 November 2017 / 16: 56

    I also have a must have <3 list

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 20 November 2017 / 15: 24

      Do you already have a specific model spotted? 🙂

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 20 November 2017 / 15: 25

      It is worth fulfilling them 🙂

  5. Avatar Marzena T. 15 November 2017 / 20: 35

    But a great dressing table 🙂 I admit that I'm jealous. I dream but I don't have room for it at home

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 15 November 2017 / 20: 57

      I know it from somewhere. I dreamed of the dressing table for a few pretty years 😉

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