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Top 10 makeup cosmetics

On the blog, I rarely review makeup products, and that's because I've been sticking to proven products for a long time. I can't imagine makeup without BB cream or Mac blush, which won my heart last year. I invite you to the full list of my top 10 makeup cosmetics.
Top 10 makeup cosmetics

BB cream Dr G

I mentioned this cream many times on the blog. I don't use foundation because my complexion doesn't like them. In most cases, after a few hours, pimples appear on my face. I also don't like the feeling of "something" on my face. This BB cream allows me to avoid both problems. This is the product that as soon as it ends - I buy a new packaging. I do not want to experiment, look for nothing new (actually I am not even tempted) because I found my ideal. After changing the packaging and composition I had a little problem finding my ideal (I used hydra intensive before).
I bought the sensitive version, which turned out to be too light for me, I bought pore + which worked well, but it was too oppressive for me (I recommend it for people who have significant acne problems). In the end I chose the Bright + version which is great - color and performance. I recently noticed that in the Rubishop store where I always buy my BB cream there is a new version - Dr G Gowoonsesang, Dr Lab Hydromoist Cover BB. I do not know yet if I will buy a full-size package, and if not, I will definitely ask for a sample of this cream to check the shade.

Mac Well Dressed Blush

I dreamed about it for a very long time, until I finally bought it. Initially, the particles contained in it scared me a little, but I do not regret that I decided on this shade. It is so delicate that even a beginner would cope with applying blush.
I have had my blush since July, and I still don't see even minimal wear. I regularly disinfect the roses with the octenisept spray, so I'm not afraid of bacterial growth, and thus the roses will probably be with me even after the shelf life.

Check out the Mac Well Dressed blush review click

Max Factor False Lash mascara

Another product from the series "look no further". This mascara it is perfect for my eyelashes - it is the only one that curls, lengthens and thickens them. Its color is quite intense, which is a huge plus for me (I think blondes with light eyelashes who do not like too intense eyelash selection should avoid it).
Initially, you may have a problem applying it (its brush is quite thick), but if you are patient and use this mascara you will not regret it 😉

Base for Hean shadows

A huge favorite for years. It allows me to keep shadows on my eyelids (though oily eyelid) even 8 hours. This base it is very efficient (enough for a year!), and in addition at a low price (approx. PLN 15). It enhances the color very well, even in the case of weakly pigmented eye shadows.

Eveline eyelash serum 3 in 1

This product I use as a base / conditioner for mascara. Since I tried this method my lashes don't fall out because mascara doesn't weaken them. In addition, this serum lengthens and curls lashes well, thanks to which we can expect the "wow" effect after applying mascara.

Inglot eye shadows

I used to skip Inglot a lot, because the products I tested didn't work for me. After many nerves with the previous palette, whose pigmentation called for vengeance to heaven (I used it by force, because I felt sorry for the money spent), I was tempted by 3 shadows + Inglot palette. I am delighted with their pigmentation and the fact that they do not flake off. These 3 eye shadows are enough for my everyday makeup.

Mac Plumful Lipstick

Earlier I had contact with Mac lipsticks (Viva glam gaga II and Niki Minaj), but both did not quite suit me. Now I know why.

When I bought Plumful lipstick (I showed it on our profile on Instagram) I realized that it has a perfect finish. Slightly shiny, moisturizing, definitely not dry as in the case of previous lipsticks. Nor does it disappear so quickly from my mouth. Plumful lipstick has a mirror finish and I will look for this finish for subsequent lipsticks.

Bell Hypoallergenic concealer

As I wrote more than once - huge dark circles under my eyes are my problem. Regardless of whether I sleep the right number of hours or sometimes I get a nock - they are always there. A good eye cream and concealer is my must have so as not to frighten people on the street.

I was tempted by the Bell corrector due to the very sensitive eye area. I was not disappointed, because he did not sensitize me and has decent coverage. It lacks only illuminating particles, which in my case are great in this area.

Sylveco peeling lipstick

I have always belonged to a group of people who have dry lips. Because of this, not all lipsticks on my lips look good (mainly matte ones look weak, because they emphasize every dry skin). I found a way - before applying the lipstick, I do a peeling with Sylveco. Not only is it great at dealing with dry skin, it also moisturises it properly.

Thanks to Sylveco lipstick I can now use matte lipsticks!

Long4Lashes eyelash serum

I know it's not a coloring book, but I had to remind about this product. My eyelashes have never looked as good as after treatment with this product (even after Revitalash, which was much more expensive and less available).

This serum really works. With regular use, my eyelashes have become longer, thicker and more curled.

What's on your 10 top makeup list?


  1. Avatar Iwona R. 24 January 2016 / 19: 20

    I have eyelash conditioner from this set and I also state that it really works 🙂 Very good.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 January 2016 / 19: 31

      To maintain the effects obtained with this conditioner, I am now using Alterra chamomile lipstick. I recommend 🙂

  2. Avatar Paulina Nowaczyk 24 January 2016 / 00: 18

    Nice descriptions, cosmetics but no photos. 🙂 Blog is great too. 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 January 2016 / 07: 27

      Most cosmetics were reviewed (I added links). I invite you to detailed reviews, where you can find photos of products

  3. Avatar GumaDoZuciax3 23 January 2016 / 12: 22

    I have, use and really like Serum and conditioner from Eveline 🙂

  4. Avatar Sailing 23 January 2016 / 12: 08

    I dream of lipstick from Mac. 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 January 2016 / 07: 28

      And it's very good, because there is something to dream about :) Plumful is currently the only lipstick I use every day!

  5. Avatar Sonja 21 January 2016 / 12: 49

    I have to buy MAC roses

  6. Avatar Natalia O 21 January 2016 / 12: 07

    Long4Lashes serum and I recommend! It's a really great product and has an affordable price 🙂 Eyelashes grow like crazy 🙂

  7. Avatar Danccer 21 January 2016 / 10: 10

    I have and love Sylveco lipstick (the imp has crept into your post that it's Alterra 🙂). I already feel like Inglot's shadows but there is always something more important to buy 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 January 2016 / 11: 37

      This is all because I was thinking about Alterra chamomile lipstick, which I have to put on my eyelashes! 🙂 Thanks for catching an error: *

  8. Avatar Beauty Blog 21 January 2016 / 00: 06

    I must finally buy Dr G :) you interested me base hean, I heard that miyo is very special, but somehow I can't find it stationary, so I check hean because I'm just looking for something good and inexpensive.
    I also love sylveco lipstick! <3

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 January 2016 / 11: 39

      I have been using Hean for a long time. I got to know this database through tests on the blog and became a loyal fan of it 🙂

  9. Avatar Addicted Shopaholic 20 January 2016 / 21: 17

    Definitely Sylveco lipstick is also my hit. You really interested me in this BB cream, I don't know it and I feel that it needs to be changed 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 January 2016 / 07: 18

      In the Rubishop store (checked) you can order samples to choose the right color :)

  10. Avatar magdahom 20 January 2016 / 19: 30

    How do you disinfect roses? Are you just spraying octenisept?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 January 2016 / 19: 54

      I spray the blush from a fairly long distance with Octenisept and then wait for the blush to dry. Then I close it and it's ready;)

  11. Avatar MISTEJK. 20 January 2016 / 17: 50

    I have to test sylveco lipstick 😉

  12. Avatar Classy Simple Life 20 January 2016 / 16: 57

    I love the protective lipstick from Sylveco - I have the cinnamon version, but I will definitely opt for the peeling version in the future. My favorite base for shadows is the base from Innisfree, just like BB cream - Skin79 Pink or Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream Holika Holika, in terms of concealer under the eyes for several years the absolute favorite is SkinFood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer - Regards 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 January 2016 / 19: 56

      I am a big fan of Sylveco sea buckthorn lipstick. I love her smell! I have to read about this concealer under the eyes :)

  13. Avatar Beauty Land 20 January 2016 / 16: 20

    For me, Hean base did not work out completely, and Inglot shadows after some time sensitized me, but we know that everyone is acting differently.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 January 2016 / 20: 03

      I have heard from several people that they are not satisfied with the Hean base, and for me it has been a hit for years 🙂
      Strange thing with Inlgot's shadows. Maybe they have some ingredient you are allergic to? I am allergic and everything is fine 🙂

  14. Avatar Klaudia Klau 20 January 2016 / 15: 42

    I miss in this post some common photo of all products 😉 As for Dr. G. I have it, but it makes my complexion look earthy ...; / I mix it with other foundations to get the right color, because it looks weak.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 January 2016 / 16: 07

      Virtually all products have been reviewed on the blog. I have linked products, if someone wants to read a detailed review of a given cosmetic 🙂

      Which Dr G cream do you have? Hydra intensive was the best fit for me, now I use Bright +

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