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Skin types - part 2 mixed skin

Today is the time to describe to you how to care for combination skin - including mine. This is probably one of the worst types because it has two kinds of it - greasy i dry.

For me, oily, as in most cases it is in the "T" zone - beard, nose, forehead (which mercilessly glisten even after matting), there is also the most common acne. I have dry cheeks (the higher the eyes, the drier), acne is very rare here, but sometimes it also appears. This type of care is not easy, but I will try to explain everything to you so that you never have a problem with your complexion again. We begin :)
The first and most important cosmetic that must be found in the vanity case is a face wash gel for combination skin. It is important to wash your face with it at least twice a day. (I wash in the morning and evening, but during the day I wash my face with tonic). For washing, I do not recommend using water and soap, because the skin on the cheeks will be even more dry. The second cosmetic I have already mentioned is a tonic - it should be used after each washing and during the day.
As for the cream - mattifying day will be useful. There are several creams that I can recommend or advise against. Reviews can be found in the "Buzia" section. Once or twice a week it is worth applying a scrub. An enzyme peeling is recommended for this type of skin, which will not irritate dry skin on the cheeks, and at the same time remove the epidermis, cleanse and improve the appearance and condition of the skin. It is also worth to apply a mask for combination skin from time to time, which you can find in every drugstore.
Micellar liquid is recommended for make-up removal because it is lighter than make-up removal milk, however I use a lotion and do not see any deterioration of the skin (after wiping it with a tonic). When it comes to winter skin care - it is important to apply a heavier cream, but one that will protect your skin well. Fortunately, we don't have to worry about this for the next few months. However, I remind you about creams with UVA and UVB filters! :)

What you mustn't do if you have a complexion

- as I mentioned - you must not use water + soap for washing the face,
- eat hot spices, and also overdo it with stimulants,
- often use "granular" peels,
- use alcohol-based disinfectants (however, I recommend Afronis, which is great with my skin)

Horsetail mask

Pour a tablespoon of ground oatmeal and a tablespoon of ground horsetail over boiled water, add a few drops of cranberry juice to it. Leave the mask on 20 minutes, then wash it off with water.

Currant mask

Preparation of this mask is very easy! Blend or mash a handful of unripe currants, add a few drops of oil and now. You can put the mask on your face! After a few minutes, wash your face with warm water. After such a short treatment, the effect is amazing. Your skin is refreshed, smoother and brighter.

Recommended cosmetics

- Zai Nuno mask with green clay
- Teen Derm Gel Isispharma face wash
- Afronis


  1. Avatar kamilkamilka 24 June 2011 / 11: 15

    Oiling your head just helps in the fight against oily hair. The scalp produces sebum because it is not moisturized enough. Using oils, you can regulate the work of sebaceous glands on the head. Regards 🙂

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