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Types of beauty part 1 Female Spring

Today, the first part of the promised series of notes about beauty types. Spring comes first.

A spring woman is characterized by skin in shades:

  • Ivory
  • peach
  • beige gold

Often it also has a rose gloss that can be confused with a shade of red. The songs usually have freckles, but with a golden hue. It is not said, however, that a spring woman must necessarily have freckles, because there are also those who have creamy skin without freckles. The pink complexion I mentioned may also turn into a blush, which manifests itself mainly under the influence of emotions (e.g. during a large This type of beauty is common in Europeans and Americans.

Typical examples of spring women are:

  • Paris Hilton
  • Claudia Schiffer
  • Cameron Diaz

all three ladies have a warm skin tone typical of spring.


Springs usually have blond hair, often darkening with age. In the spring can also be a person with dark brown hair, coming even under the color black. During graying, the hair acquires a yellowish shade. Dark brown hair turns silver-white.If you are in the spring and want to decide on a change in hair color - choose a shade from the palette below, so you will have 100% confidence that the color will match your type of beauty.

spring woman hair color palette


The spring woman's eye color is usually:

  • blue (falling even in turquoise or aquamarine)
  • green
  • blue-gray

When it comes to shades, they are light or dark. If spring has brown eyes (they are very rare) - they usually fall into the color of gold or beer, or are mixed with green or gold.MasterThe lips are usually colored:

  • peach
  • apricots
  • salmon
  • light coral

Colors for spring

Spring tanning is usually in a honey-red or golden-brown shade, which is why springs should choose warm, vivid and bright shades that will put the spring in a good mood. Give yourself all the shades of gray and subdued, because you'll just be in them ill-sensitive (like gray mice). Below is the color palette perfect for you :)

palette of shades ideal for a spring woman


First of all, it should be natural. A spring woman should not overdo the makeup. Lipstick close to the color of the lips, foundation in a warm shade, blush with apricot, salmon or peach shade and ready. Spring women should avoid eye pencils, especially black (it will look too serious in it). However, if you decide on an eye pencil - choose lighter shades. Now there are many colors of eye pencils on the market, you will definitely find something for yourself! :) Eye shadows recommended for this type of beauty are all browns, peaches, turquoise, and greens.

Other types of beauty:


  1. Avatar SweetPerelka 13 December 2012 / 12: 43

    I think I'm spring..but I don't know myself ... who will help me assess it?

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 13 December 2012 / 19: 23

      Beloved be patient. At the end of the series I'm planning a little fun that will help you determine your type of beauty :)

  2. Avatar sheerblonde 12 December 2012 / 05: 29

    An interesting post. It seems to me that I can be spring, but I will wait with the assessment.

  3. Avatar Natala Chernula 12 December 2012 / 02: 20

    I'm waiting for my beauty type 😀 this one doesn't suit me 🙂

  4. Avatar karminowe.usta 11 December 2012 / 22: 39

    I am glad that you decided on such a series of posts :) I would like to read something about winter, which I am :) Maybe I will learn something new :)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 12 December 2012 / 16: 01

      Winter, unfortunately, will be at the very end;) I'm glad that the idea met with such sympathy.

  5. Avatar Lourdes 11 December 2012 / 20: 06

    I am spring! I once read that I should not use a black pencil (eyeliner in my case) so I decided to finish all the black mascaras and eyeliners I have and replace them with brown ones and for now I'm half połowie
    My mother even admitted that in the brown border of the eye I look more natural (she did not know that I switched to bronzes, just one day she herself admitted that I looked somehow softer and better than before)

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