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Types of beauty part 3 Autumn Woman

Autumn woman - all natural redheads. A warm type of beauty, a warm shade of hair - just like the Polish Golden Autumn. Woman's skin with autumn type of beauty it is usually golden yellow. People with the type of autumn beauty often do not have blushes (so-called colors) on the face. Which makes them seem pale, earthy.

Kate Winslet as a type of autumn beauty

However, we usually distinguish several shades:

  • pale - usually tanning first in red
  • golden yellow with freckles
  • warm, dark, golden complexion

Examples of women with autumn beauty:

  • Julia Roberts
  • Julianne Moore
  • Kate Winslet


As I mentioned at the beginning - the autumn type of beauty are all kinds of redheads. Hair shades such as:

  • chestnut
  • copper
  • dark golden blond
  • warm brown

Women's hair - fall usually has a reddish or golden shine. The shade of hair is always warm. Below are the hair colors that suit you best

autumn woman hair color palette


Eye color in autumn:

  • dark brown
  • Hazel
  • light green
  • olive with a touch of brown
  • light blue
  • blue-green

The color of the iris contrasts with the whites of the eye.


The lips of autumn have warm hues from apricot to peach and even salmon which only occurs with fair complexion.

Colors for autumn

Autumn women should surround themselves in shades of autumn. Earth colors, slightly muffled, but warm. All browns, yellows, oranges, beiges, yellows.

a palette of shades ideal for a woman with autumn beauty

Autumn doesn't look too good in black.


It should be in warm shades (more or less like the colors of clothes). As for underlay - it must have a warm beige shade. Otherwise, it will be significantly different from the skin color lipstick - warm reds, brick-red, brown, salmon, peach, even orange!Pink- definitely in a warm tone. Brick red with a shade of brown will be perfect.Mascara - I strongly recommend the brown one for this type of beauty.Eyeliner- also in bronze, it can also be olive, green and even plum. Anyhow not black, because it will not emphasize the beauty, but only deform.

Other types of beauty:


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