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Which Eveline nail products are worth investing in?

Recently, I came to the conclusion that I have 90% of the products that I use for nails are from Eveline. I really value this company because it is not expensive and has a few pearls on offer. Today I would like to share with you some of them that are worth buying. There is also one product that is not worth bothering with.

For sure, each of us has had experience with this company more than once. Better or worse, but in most bathrooms I could find their products. Actually, it's one of the few companies that you can find so many products in my bathroom. Unfortunately, a lot of it turned out to be bubles and they went to the trash. Today will be about nail products.

I invite you to review.
At first fire will go 8w1 conditionerwhich I use a little differently than recommended by the manufacturer. Namely, I use it as a base for nail polish. Thanks to this, it stays much longer, and darker varnishes do not stain the tile. This product did not work for me in its original application, but as a base it works great.
The second product is drier, rinse aid and hardener, i.e. 3w1. I bought this product mainly with a view to drying nails faster after painting. While the very act of nail painting does not bother me at all, I do not like to wait for the nail polish to dry. I always touch something and I have to repeat the action again. Thanks to this product, nail painting is no longer a nightmare for me, because it lasts much shorter. In addition, the product actually extends the life of the varnish, which is its additional plus.
The third product is nail polish remover with pump. This is my definite favorite, because it is a banal pump thing, and yet it makes life much easier. In addition, the cleaner is very efficient, because thanks to the pump we do not consume too much product. The cleaner also works well as a degreaser of the nail plate.
A product that my nails didn't like is cuticle remover. My skins are not extremely difficult to remove, but this product cannot handle them completely. It is not enough that the opening through which the preparation flies out is not adapted to the needs (the product always spills too much), in addition, even 30 seconds do not remove the skins accurately. Here, unfortunately, Eveline gave the body completely. Comparing this product and Sally Hansen, the latter definitely wins. In this case, it's not worth spending a penny on Eveline.
Have you had contact with this company? Do you know any nail products that you can recommend?


  1. Avatar Milena 10 September 2014 / 17: 11

    I have not had contact with other products, only with this conditioner 8w1, and I also love it, it is great and can work wonders 🙂

  2. Avatar Margaretka 4 September 2014 / 11: 08

    Recently I bought a beautiful nude Eveline nail polish, color for five, but the quality is not necessarily 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 4 September 2014 / 11: 59

      My favorite varnishes are Sally Hansen salon expert, sand Paese and Joko varnishes :)

  3. Avatar Our-dwaswiaty 4 September 2014 / 06: 19

    I use 8w1 conditioner exactly as you do 🙂 I'm my big favorite! I haven't had contact with the rest of the cosmetics 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 4 September 2014 / 12: 00

      I recommend, take a look especially hardener is very good.

  4. Avatar Magdalena Nailinspirelove 3 September 2014 / 19: 25

    I had the 8w1 conditioner and sometimes use it. Skins worked for me because they are not problematic 🙂

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