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Fighting discoloration with the help of Cosmelan treatment

Today's post was written by Beata from the blog batirulezwho is interested in cosmetology and has a huge confectionery talent (when you go to the 'Sweet pleasures' tab on Beata's blog, you will understand what I meant. I invite you to the story of Beata, in which she describes the fight against acne in adult life. Eh ... this capricious complexion Who would have thought that you could also struggle with her without being a teenager, or even a mature woman.

Hormonal changes, environmental pollution, improper diet or just genes, each of the reasons I cite affects our skin. What to do when standard creams do zabiegi kosmetyczne do not bring the desired results. What solution should you choose when, in addition to acne lesions or shiny skin, discoloration, scars and other visible skin damage begin to appear? Look no further, don't be discouraged, and the best solution is to consult a specialist. And I do not mean beauticians (with all due respect), but doctors who specialize in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

Mesoestetic cosmelan set

How to effectively fight discoloration?

A common recommendation in the cases referred to above is to perform the Cosmelan procedure. This is one of the most effective non-invasive procedures, eliminating hormonal, sun, inflammatory and other discolorations. In addition, it regulates sebum secretion, narrows pores, smoothes, cleanses, eliminates fine wrinkles, tightens and refreshes the skin.

Replaces manual cleansing, granular peels, cavitation and microdermabrasion. It is recommended for people who struggle with discoloration of all kinds, with combination skin, oily skin prone to contamination. The treatment is also a great solution for mature skin, because thanks to its very strong exfoliating properties, it also allows you to get rid of shallow wrinkles and refresh the skin.

The course of treatment using Cosmelan products

Cosmelan is a type of deep chemical peeling with active ingredients such as:

  • Kojic acid
  • Phytic acid
  • arbutin
  • Retinol Palmitate
  • Ascorbic acid

The treatment has two stages. The first of them takes place in the doctor's office and consists in cleansing the skin with a special preparation, which is part of the entire cosmetics package, dedicated to the Cosmelan treatment. The next step is to apply Cosmelan 1 cream, which is the right exfoliating product. The cream is light brown and has a thick mask consistency.

Depending on the effect you want to achieve, i.e. a smaller or greater severity of exfoliation, wash the mask after 4-8 hours. We should not feel any discomfort at this time.

Cosmelan acne treatment

After cleansing with Cosmelan 1, we cover the skin with Hydra Vital K cream (included in the package) or other strongly moisturizing (e.g. Physiogel or Cicaplast with Laroche Posay). During 2, the next days we also strongly moisturize the skin, which even calls for it. The face at this time swells, it is very red, it stings and itches.

These are normal symptoms that should not bother us. However, if the discomfort is in our opinion too strong or anything causes us to worry, we should necessarily consult the doctor performing the procedure.

Care after the Cosmelan treatment

After approx. 2 days, we begin the second stage of the procedure, consisting of the daily application of Cosmelan 2 cream. The home therapy regimen is determined individually for each person. It depends primarily on the type and type of skin and the severity of the problem. On average, the cream is applied twice a day, for 3-4 hours with an interval of at least 6-hours. During this stage, the skin is still very irritated, which causes discomfort. It begins to peel strongly, is pink-red and tense.

In contact with higher temperatures, e.g. during a warm bath it may bake. The only way to relieve yourself is to use soothing and moisturizing creams as often as possible, avoiding makeup and washing your face with preparations for sensitive skin (e.g. Physiogel, Bioderma Sensibio). After 2 weeks after the surgery, a follow-up visit is required, during which the doctor sets up a further treatment regimen.

It happens that it remains the same, but often the application time of Cosmelan 2 cream is shortened. After approx. 3 weeks, the first effects appear. The complexion begins to brighten, discoloration fades, pores appear
they narrow and we have a feeling of new, fresh, tight and firm skin.

An effective way to acne

Sun protection is a very important aspect during the Cosmelan treatment. Although the procedure can be performed throughout the year, it is worth planning it for fall or winter, when the sun does not operate so strongly and additionally protect yourself with the SPF 50 filter.

How much does Cosmelan cost?

The treatment costs about PLN 2000, including all creams and other complementary products. It is recommended to perform it only with reputable cosmetologists, dermatologists, doctors of aesthetic medicine, etc. Cosmelan is a high-risk procedure if it is not carried out by competent persons.

It can do more harm than good, including burns and scars. If done correctly, we will enjoy light and healthy skin for a long time.


  1. Avatar Anna 27 October 2019 / 07: 58

    Interesting cosmetics, but I've never seen them anywhere. I need to look better 🙂

  2. Avatar Laura 28 June 2019 / 08: 27

    This is the basic diet, especially all spicy foods work badly, and soy and dairy products also affect me, so I try to avoid it. So I like going to acid every now and then. I have the impression that they not only work well for salvation, but also for some small blemishes that appear to me from time to time.

  3. Avatar Dietitian On Suitcases 28 January 2019 / 14: 10

    Treatments and appropriate cosmetics are very important. I think that healthy nutrition, which helps us care for good skin condition, plays no less important 🙂

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 29 January 2019 / 08: 56

      It's true, if we eat healthily, our skin immediately repays with an ugly look. Mine is already so dissolved that even after one evening, when I do not pay attention to what I eat - I wake up with pimples on my chin. It's always like that 😉

  4. Avatar Natalia 7 June 2018 / 19: 14

    Cosmelan treatment is one of the most effective depigmentation therapies, dealing with all kinds of discoloration. In addition, this treatment restores the skin's smoothness and radiance. Sensitive skin feels burning and stinging is possible for sensitive skin and for the first days after applying the mask, it is worth increasing the frequency of application of soothing creams to reduce discomfort.

  5. Avatar Aga 10 November 2017 / 16: 15

    Great ideas 🙂

  6. Avatar Zuzanna Majcher 3 November 2017 / 09: 14

    I have always been a fan of Synchroline Thiospot intensive cream for discoloration but maybe someday I will also try this solution 🙂 I usually look for creams when ordering other products online (probably Melissa pharmacy has the best prices) and I add something for myself :)

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