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Fighting acne, or how the dermatologist's specifics work

How do they work? they don't work ...
after initial improvement of the skin condition, great drying after duac ointment and 3 packaging, 4akne has another portion of great spillage.
Conclusions - do not experiment with anabelle minerals mineral powder, after which it spills me mercilessly. In addition, the end of using duac ointment, which causes a crust on my face even when using this product once every 2 days, at night. No, and end, we did not like this ointment and that's it. I don't intend to use it anymore and I will kindly inform my Dermatologist.
I suspect that the current rash may be the usual autumn solstice, which every year gives my face the feeling that winter is coming.
Once I learned from a third dermatologist in turn that this is normal behavior and often notices such a condition. Wow i'm not alone Hurray! it's consolation;)
What I currently use:
- Bell CC cream interchangeable with natur riche
- colloidal silver for washing the face
- once a week an Avon mask, which I hope I will be able to say a little more about soon
- I take 4akne every day
- I wipe my face with apple cider vinegar in the morning. I'm catching everything to get rid of all the pimples for the wedding. I have time to August 2014. What will happen? I do not know ... knowing life on the day of the wedding I will have a big pimple as always on occasions when I want my face to be perfectly smooth;)
Do your faces also show that winter is coming? Have you noticed an acne rash in the fall?


  1. Avatar GoodForYouDP 3 October 2013 / 17: 37

    In reserved :)
    I do not know this cream, I will look for it, thanks!

  2. Avatar Hatsumomo 3 October 2013 / 09: 11

    The girls are right. Bell and Avon with such troubles is a nail in the casket. And the exfoliating cream Pharmaceris with mandelic acid (2nd degree)? I use it in autumn and always works. It exfoliates, smoothes and brightens the complexion. Where did you see the powder set because that's what I'm looking for?

  3. Avatar Barbara Ł. 3 October 2013 / 07: 15

    My complexion is nightmarish with care when autumn comes,
    Have you tried acids? what vinegar has dried my mouth, I have anabelle foundation and I don't see it harming me yet, but everyone has a different tendency to clog,
    That's right with these chain stores, there you won't buy a decent hat.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 3 October 2013 / 17: 36

      Unfortunately, AM works like pimple adhesive. One of the girls said it was because I don't use pod cream. I used the same. Clogging to the max.
      Amazingly, this season I saw pretty cool sets in reserved. Pretty large selection;)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 3 October 2013 / 17: 37

      I have not tried acids a little afraid of using them on my own.

  4. Avatar Zuza Pearl 3 October 2013 / 05: 16

    I feel calmed down ... I have the impression that it was due to the daily yeast masks I used for the previous week 😉 I recommend 😉

  5. Avatar Margotka's boudoir 2 October 2013 / 21: 06

    Apple cider vinegar ok, changes the pH of the skin, so helps fight especially mushrooms. Give yourself Avon cosmetics, because the extracts in them for medicine and full of chemistry. The tablets you use clean from the inside. You can have a spill after them, because they work like that - everything throws out. Be careful with silver, it's easy to overdo it. In addition, the skin quickly gets used to it.
    I had a Duac and how. Dries strongly and bacteria become resistant to clindamycin. If it is not used, do not use.
    Good luck fighting acne.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 3 October 2013 / 17: 39

      After these pills I had a rash at the beginning. Now 3 packaging. Is the second wave?: /
      Overwork with silver? what do you mean? as to the habituation of the skin - unfortunately you are right, mine does not respond to silver, actually as if I was wiping my mouth with water: /

    • Avatar Margotka's boudoir 12 January 2014 / 19: 29

      Only now I noticed that you wrote back to me 🙂 What is the matter with silver? Apparently it accumulates in the body. Yes, it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-evil effects in general ... but what if the body cannot expel it?
      I was tempted by silver coat, but having listened to it, I gave up 🙁
      I will only add that I am not a specialist - I rely on the opinions of others.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 13 January 2014 / 19: 26

      I don't believe it, somehow. I use silver all the time and nothing happens :-)

  6. Avatar Alieneczka 2 October 2013 / 20: 39

    that Bell I would put off, after it is just a spill can be ... the nasty composition ...
    vinegar also scares me ... no better some mild herbal tonic?

    and the rash is not from excessive drying?
    I struggled myself with rash, but I put away all creams with paraffin, all desiccant gels in favor of moisturizing foams (sometimes I only use Effaclar gel), etc.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 3 October 2013 / 17: 40

      After herbal tonics, it also spills me out;) I do not use gels for washing the face, because my face after contact with water, whether it is tap or filtered, has a terrible rash.
      I didn't change the cream, I use natur riche and Bell CC every few days.

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