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We are moving!

We are moving!
We are moving!

This is certain, 28 January 2017 will be moving. We thought about it for a long time, but because of it small problems the move was delayed by a good few months. Fortunately, we have already signed the contract and paid part of the deposit, and the apartment is waiting for us.

I will tell you honestly that looking for a flat for rent is not a simple matter. We didn't have a lot of requirements. We only considered new construction with a large balcony and area above 45 m2. These three conditions were the most important for us. And the furniture, because it's also worth mentioning. Add to this the interesting districts of Gdańsk. I will tell you something else - it is not so easy to find an animal-friendly apartment. There were even suggestions that we can rent some, but on the condition that we give our ears. There is not even a way. The lady who proposed this wonderful idea immediately met my opposition.

PRL for 3000 PLN.

Looking through the offers, I came across really disgusting apartments. And I'm not saying here to judge anyone, because everyone has different financial possibilities, but some apartments would be suitable for demotivators or other such portal. Most often he threatened the PRL (yes, even in new buildings people furnish apartments like this!) Wall units and terracotta tiles, and even wall paneling and a complete lack of taste - as if to take furniture from several different apartments and combine it together. Something horrible. Some really make a rented flat a storeroom - old furniture, which you regret to throw away most often goes to flats for rent. And then you sit on a corduroy sofa stretched out straight from the last century ...

Apartments for rent are so expensive

Then there was the price. I do not judge anyone, because I know how difficult it is to get credit nowadays, but some owners of the apartment were born with fantasy. For the PRL or lack of full furniture, the apartment owners could sing even PLN 3000. and not in the center of Gdansk! Some really have fantasy. Finally we found the dream apartment. The owner immediately won our trust, and the place made an even greater impression on us live. Signing a contract and moving house ahead of us. We are hardened in this topic, because we have already moved twice. Moving is a great opportunity to do a selection of accumulated things.

What do you need to buy?

Whether the furniture, equipment, etc. the owners buy depends on the contract between you. We agreed on the missing wardrobe, but decided that we had to buy a shoe rack and a dream dressing table (jupiii!), Which will be standing in the bedroom. A trip to Ikea is waiting for us. I dreamed for a long time about the Hemnes dressing table, but I see it in every other photo on Instagram. She is beautiful, but too well-worn. Most likely, however, I will decide on the Malm model. If any of you have this model, let me know in the comments whether it is worth buying it or looking for something else.
We do not need more, besides, the apartment is fully furnished. We are looking forward to moving house, although as you know it will be a lot of work, not enough sleep, which is a real madness. Get ready for pre-instagram spam on Instagram 😉


  1. Avatar makeupaddict 24 January 2017 / 19: 02

    There is a tragedy with the apartments and the prices are shocking! Maybe you'll upload photos when you get set up 🙂

  2. Avatar Anonymous 15 January 2017 / 23: 41

    You do not want to have your apartment? Instead of paying someone for the same amount, you can pay back your loan and your apartment. For me it is something strange, a working, childless marriage rents an apartment instead of doing anything towards owning ... renting is good for young students

    • Avatar [Email protected] 16 January 2017 / 05: 51

      We do not want our apartment, because it is an attachment to the place and the flat. This is our conscious decision. Nowadays it is worth being mobile and being able to move to another city at any time. The flat makes it difficult to make such decisions because you are tied up with a loan.

      In addition, the fact that your apartment can only be said when you pay off your mortgage. Until then, the flat is owned by the bank 🙂

      We thought about our own apartment a few years ago, but after calculating the costs, it turned out that it is more profitable for us to rent. For the price of the loan, we will live in a furnished apartment, not on a concrete floor 😉

  3. Avatar Nadine 13 January 2017 / 21: 40

    Good luck moving! 🙂

  4. Avatar Sylwia Ka 13 January 2017 / 21: 36

    I remember when I got the keys to our M3 - tight, but my own, unfortunately without a balcony, which I regret. After two years of living, I would like to do another renovation and I would change almost everything! I have never had to rent an apartment, but when I hear the prices that my friends pay, it is cheaper to take a loan for a new apartment and pay it back ...

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 January 2017 / 21: 54

      It's for sure, but not everyone has credit standing. That is why so many people rent 🙂

      We are not thinking about buying, maybe someday. We don't like to bond too much, and the flat is a kind of 'bondage'. It's harder to make a decision, e.g. to go to another city, because someone bought a flat. I know a few stories when someone missed a chance for professional development just because of the flat I bought. We don't think it's worth it

  5. Avatar Nikola 13 January 2017 / 18: 58

    Good luck moving! Because it is a real logistic challenge 🙂 But also an opportunity to include the plan: minimalism 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 January 2017 / 19: 57

      We have already moved 2 times, which is why we know what awaits us 🙂

      Minimalism accompanies our lives every day, we do not plan to introduce a bigger one for now.

  6. Avatar Marheri Crafts 13 January 2017 / 18: 17

    Good luck moving! I have moved so many times that I know well what challenge it is 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 January 2017 / 19: 58

      We also have two removals behind us. We have very few things, so it will go quickly 🙂

      We are looking forward to spending moments together in the new home!

  7. Avatar [Email protected] 12 January 2017 / 21: 37

    Oh mother, I'm sorry! I know how many nerves a rough neighbor can make. A couple rented an apartment over us, who were always arguing. Unfortunately, these were not ordinary quarrels, but even violence. We called the police several times. Something terrible that people have no shame to behave like this.

    Here we have only one nice neighbor, whom we met through her dog, who liked us very much. As soon as she sees us, she runs wagging tail. It is sweet and we will certainly miss her and her owner very much 🙂

    I hope that your dreams about your own apartment will come true soon. May the neighborhood and, above all, neighbors be more normal 😉

  8. Avatar Classy Simple Life 12 January 2017 / 21: 10

    I keep my fingers crossed for moving Dominika 🙂 I perfectly understand what it means to rent flats ... well, it is not easy to find something that will immediately meet our expectations. A year ago, we moved into a great apartment - a nice owner, neighbors, neighborhood ... but after about 6 months, tenants living below us released the apartment and the owner sold it practically overnight. Everything would be ok if not for the new owner, or rather his concubine with the child, who moved in very quickly. From that day our peace of life has changed by 180 degrees! Our owner did not help - all the time something is wrong, and the water is flowing from the flowers, and the petals are falling, in addition, this lady tried to intimidate the police, not to mention overcoming quarrels after 23.00 or calling us from k *** * ih ** standing on our balcony so that we and all neighbors would hear. For now, we will be renting this apartment for another year, but I suppose it will be our last rent ... We have been renting apartments in Poland and Egypt for many years but so far we have never encountered such a thing ... I feel sorry for some of the owner of the apartment that we rent because I know that not all tenants will remain as calm as we are in the face of such behavior of a neighbor. This experience made us realize that it is probably time to think about your own corner, but for now these are only dreams that I hope will come true someday - good luck and all the best - greetings 🙂

    • Avatar Samara 13 January 2017 / 09: 09

      I also had hits in a rented apartment with a neighbor from above, who was mentally ill and did such things that it is a shame to talk. Fortunately, we have this stage behind us and now we are at our own, although when choosing a flat there was stress that what if we find someone like that again, because we will not run away quickly from our own apartment. Fortunately, we now have peace and nice people in the block:) I admire that you want to rent there 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 January 2017 / 09: 37

      It is with your own stress that you will find abnormal neighbors. You can always escape from a rented one, and there is no turning back here 🙁

  9. Avatar Samara 12 January 2017 / 18: 55

    I have a Malm dressing table and I am very happy with it. Just buy a nice mirror and I look really great uję

    • Avatar [Email protected] 12 January 2017 / 21: 41

      Tell me please, are there any compartments already or do you need to buy one? And one more thing - is the glass on the countertop easy to scratch?

    • Avatar Samara 13 January 2017 / 09: 00

      There is no compartment, you need to figure something out yourself, there is only such a felt pad / mat. My window looks like new, and I have a dressing table for 3 years.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 January 2017 / 09: 39

      Okay, thanks for the info! In that case I will buy compartments or containers. I was afraid of this glass the most, but if you say that it doesn't look good!

  10. Avatar Milena M. 12 January 2017 / 18: 51

    You are right with these apartments, sometimes the conditions are terrible, the district is not good and the price is very high. I do not understand this.

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