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Vegan spaghetti with smoked tofu - a recipe for a delicious dish

I rarely throw recipes on my blog, more often you can find them on our profile on Instagram @dpblogpl however, I would like to share this recipe because it is very simple, fast and of course vegan. Vegan spaghetti with smoked tofu is our number one when it comes to delicious and nutritious veg dishes.

We went on a veggie diet in June 2014. I remember that my family was shocked because we always ate meat. Why did we go on a veg diet? Mainly because of animal suffering. It may be strange, but more than once, when I ate a cutlet, I couldn't finish it. My brain was rebelling, and there were pictures of suffering animals in my mind. I couldn't go on, it was a conscious decision.

vegan spaghetti with smoked tofu

How do we feel on a veg diet?

This question always arises when we say that we do not eat meat. I went a step further because I don't eat eggs and fish either. Piotr eats these two products from time to time. I have never been a fan of eggs and fish, so rejecting these two products was not a problem for me. In one of the blog posts I wrote about my stomach problems. I often had reflux, diarrhea after eating anything. Added to this was stomachache after a meal. Suspected stomach ulcers. I had an ultrasound scan but nothing came out. I did not go for further tests, because after switching to a veg diet my problems passed.

I also fought anemia for many years. Interestingly - after switching to a veg diet, iron deficiencies disappeared. Magic, right? I will not calculate more positive effects, but certainly my diet also affects not only my body, but also the appearance of the skin, hair and nails (although I have never had problems with these).

Is tofu healthy?

Many vegans and vegetarians ask themselves this question. In general, tofu is okay, because it's a good source of protein, but in my case (thyroid problems) it is not recommended to eat too often. Therefore, whenever 'the' day comes when I can eat it - I try to make it in the tastiest way. Below is my suggestion for smoked tofu, which is delicious even without heat treatment. It tastes like smoked cheese roulades. I used to love all smoked cheeses - roulades, oscypek, etc.

Vegan spaghetti - a recipe


  • 3 glasses of tomato juice
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • smoked tofu cubes
  • half a can of corn
  • half a kilo of mushrooms
  • salt
  • pepper
  • a teaspoon of oregano
  • a teaspoon of hot pepper
  • oil for frying mushrooms
  • pasta for spaghetti

Execution: Wash and cut the mushrooms into quarters. If they are large, we cut each quarter in half. Fry until mushrooms are golden brown. Pour mushrooms into tomato juice, add sliced ​​garlic, add salt, pepper, oregano and pepper. Fry until the tomato juice thickens and the sauce is made. When the tomato juice thickens, add the corn and tofu, which we then crush into small pieces using a fork.

Stew it for about 8 minutes. During this time, we cook pasta. After cooking, translate the pasta into a plate, put the sauce on the pasta and sprinkle with a little oregano. Tofu draws in tomato juice, so if the next day the spaghetti sauce is too thick, you can add tomato juice and boil for a while.


  1. Avatar Edyta My piece of floor 6 June 2017 / 09: 34

    I've never eaten tofu, but somehow it's hard for me to break through. I don't even know why. Maybe I will try and it will turn out tasty 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 June 2017 / 09: 46

      Tofu is very tasty, but only seasoned. Sam is very bland and completely tasteless; P

  2. Avatar Blogierka 5 June 2017 / 23: 50

    And you know that I also prefer vegetables - but I will not leave milk and eggs because I like it :).
    And I will use the recipe - but without corn because I don't like mushrooms and spaghetti 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 June 2017 / 05: 23

      I did not like milk and eggs. The same goes for fish, so I didn't have any problem rejecting these products 🙂

      Corn gives an interesting taste to this dish, but if you do not like it - you can easily not add it.

  3. Avatar Agate Green 5 June 2017 / 14: 07

    WOW! The photo looks like a meat dish, and here is such a surprise! A very inspirational article. A great recipe and you have added something personal from yourself. Greetings! Agata - wegedroga.pl

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 June 2017 / 15: 49

      A lot of people got fooled seeing this photo, and it's just tofu :))

  4. Avatar Ania Soyelle 9 March 2017 / 09: 50

    Revelation 🙂 I liked your entry very much

  5. Avatar Bookendorfin by Izabela Pycio 27 February 2017 / 09: 52

    I have not had the opportunity to meet such flavors of tofu. The recipe seems very tempting to me, I will gladly try it and test on the family if they will like this taste. 🙂

  6. Avatar Victoria Handmade 27 February 2017 / 08: 42

    It's nice that by the way you shared how switching to a veg diet has affected your health. I have never eaten Tofu yet ... It's about time to make up for it

    • Avatar [Email protected] 27 February 2017 / 10: 14

      Natural tofu is very tasty, but only when marinated properly. Smoked has a taste in itself 🙂

  7. Avatar Lucy 27 February 2017 / 08: 30

    I do not like the argument of animal suffering, because then you can become a vegetarian (eating milk and eggs do not harm animals), but I do not mind vegans. Sometimes I just feel sorry for them, because I see how much they need to replace known products with their plant substitutes, which have nothing in common only in the name. And in the subject of the post - so far I was afraid to try tofu so as not to find some bland slush, but since it resembles smoked cheese, I go into it 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 27 February 2017 / 10: 13

      Oh, here you are wrong. I do not know if you saw the conditions in which cows stay, which give milk to people. I don't know if you know that hens are treated like egg-laying machines. Unfortunately, in most cases eggs marked as organic are just a marketing ploy. Most chickens have never seen the sun. They sit in cages, their natural reflex of burying in the ground disappears. This is not humane treatment of animals.

      A lot of vegan dishes are named after their meat counterparts, because their appearance or taste resembles a non-vegan dish.

      Natural tofu is bland in itself, but if you marinate it in soy sauce with the addition of French mustard, its taste is delicious. Well, someone noticed that tofu is like a sponge and 'draws' flavors 🙂

  8. Avatar Katarzyna Wątły 20 February 2017 / 19: 40

    Tofu - the tastiest sponge that absorbs all flavors around. I love it, although I've never made it myself - my husband is a tofu master 😉

  9. Avatar Joanna B. 20 February 2017 / 17: 36

    I also eat some smoked tofu lately, although I'm not sure if soy is good for me. But from time to time you can 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 February 2017 / 16: 00

      If you have thyroid problems, tofu is not recommended. In other cases it is not recommended. We know - everything in moderation 🙂

  10. Avatar Kami 20 February 2017 / 13: 18

    I'm not on a vegan diet. Actually, I'm not on any diet. I like to try different things and I often check veggie recipes in my kitchen. Interesting recipe, and smoked tofu I haven't eaten yet 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 February 2017 / 13: 25

      I think you will be surprised by the taste of smoked tofu. The taste reminds me of smoked cow cheeses, e.g. the Ustrzyckie roulade 😉

  11. Avatar Oh upbringing 19 February 2017 / 09: 32

    I am saving the recipe, I will definitely use it. Thanks 🙂

  12. Avatar Bartosz Jakubowski 19 February 2017 / 08: 23

    An interesting recipe, we are also starting to limit eating meat, eggs, fish and dairy products for health 🙂 I wonder if I can find tofu in a nearby lidl ...

    • Avatar [Email protected] 19 February 2017 / 11: 10

      I don't know what the composition of tofu from lidel is, but I usually use tofu with panda (in Piotr and Paweł) or Lunter (in Tesco) 🙂

  13. Avatar Klaudyna Maciąg 19 February 2017 / 08: 23

    An interesting issue with this anemia. I have a problem with it myself, since as a teenager, I stupidly rejected meat for over a year and did not replace it with anything. No treatment has helped me so far, so my daughter was also born with powerful anemia. I wouldn't even think that veganism can help with that 🙂

    The recipe itself is very interesting, although I would probably give up smoked tofu 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 19 February 2017 / 11: 05

      Smoked tofu can be replaced with a calm natural one. Although smoked, it adds a nice flavor 😉

  14. Avatar Jud 18 February 2017 / 22: 08

    A very nice idea for dinner 😉

  15. Avatar Mrs.Rose 17 February 2017 / 08: 06

    It looks very appetizing 🙂

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