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What is the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant?

Let's start with the fact that deodorant and antiperspirant will give you different types of cosmetics.
antiperspirants cause complete or partial control of excessive sweating.
They contain hydrated aluminum chloride - it causes the sweat tubing to shrink. Thanks to this, we sweat less. Aluminum chloride also has bactericidal properties - it eliminates the typical smell of sweat. So we don't have to use antiperspirants more than once a day.
Unfortunately, there is also the dark side of the antiperspirant - it can have harmful effects. Aluminum - actually aluminum. If used chronically on damaged skin it may be toxic.
Note - if you find aluminum chlorohydrate on the packaging - be careful!
Particular attention for nursing women, because toxins that enter the body - you pass on to your child. You can use antiperspirants, but be careful!
Use of antiperspirants:
After washing, apply antiperspirants to dry skin. The skin must be dry - otherwise aluminum chloride in contact with water will form hydrochloric acid, which irritates the skin. Once I used an antiperspirant on not very dry skin (probably you too) the effect was terrible burning of the skin.
The cosmetic can be used daily only in the event of excessive sweating, otherwise use it every other or third day. Antiperspirant should not be used on other parts of the body (other than around the armpits).
If the product gets into the eyes or on the mucous membranes - mucous membranes may be irritated, which in turn will lead to the penetration of aluminum ions into the blood and accumulation in tissues.
When using an antiperspirant, avoid using it on the skin after depilation. I know this sounds strange, because we usually depil our armpits in the morning, but the skin is irritated, which, as I have already written, can cause aluminum to penetrate inside the body.
If you notice any irritation - stop using the cosmetic for some time. It's best to brush the reddened area with an odorless cream (mild to the skin), and if the symptoms don't go away - consult a dermatologist.
Antiperspirant applied to healthy skin (without irritation) will not harm our body. Aluminum is removed along with exfoliating skin.

Deodorant they do not interfere with secretion, I suppress the secretion, but only fight odor (they contain bactericides).

As you probably already know - sweat has no smell, it only takes on when the natural bacterial flora covering the skin begins its fermentation. As bacteria love a warm environment - they feel perfectly around our armpits.
Deodorants do not contain aluminum chloride.

The use of deodorants:

Unlike antiperspirants, deodorants can be used not only in the armpits, but also in other parts of the body.
On the market we can find deodorants for the body - the so-called body spray, but also to the feet (foot spray) and even hair (hair refresher).
To the armpits, we can find deodorants in a spray, stick, gel, and stone (which I will admit to be honest, I'm slowly trying on - also expect a review soon on the blog. I'm curious how it works, etc.)
If you have sensitive skin - I recommend using deodorants without alcohol - those with alcohol - free or sans alcool on the packaging.
What deodorant or antiperspirant are you currently using? would you recommend it to other readers?


  1. Avatar Seanaith 31 January 2013 / 16: 42

    Many people cannot imagine life without an antiperspirant. I also for some time ... Until how close a person had breast cancer and one was taken away. In addition, long chemistry and semi-annual results checks. The doctor told this person (a brave doctor who is not on the services of corporations) that this is probably due to the accumulation of toxins in the lymph node after using the antiperspirant. There are many opinions on the subject on the internet. Since then, I don't use this crap anymore. Frankly, I prefer to give the body a breathe and throw away toxins outside rather than retain them. Of course, I do not propose to fly and smelly here, but do not block sweat. That's why I switched to natural deodorant - alum. Winter is doing great, worse in the summer, but who doesn't sweat in the summer? I think that since I care about hygiene, I often wash myself, use a deodorant, I have a chance not to be one of the patients in the oncology department ... Regards

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 31 January 2013 / 18: 05

      It's scary what you write. I knew there were such cases, but you know how it is - as long as it doesn't affect anyone close to you, you ignore certain things ...
      Have you ever tried a deodorant in stone? I'm wondering if it's effective.

      For my part, I recommend Alterry. I've been using it 2 a month and I'm very happy. You will see a review for this product soon :)

    • Avatar Seanaith 4 February 2013 / 22: 23

      I am just using alum, which is just a stone 🙂 I will tell you that it is very light, completely odorless. Works well on normal days. In the summer you will probably have to re-apply it, but really who doesn't sweat then? I guess only CI, what blockers buy, but I will never try this crap ... Alun is versatile. The piece I split off before the first use and successfully uses this fragment on the muck, as it turns out. Dries nicely and dies from this place. It soothes irritation after shaving, and in fact once more - on normal days, it works well with armpit 🙂

  2. Avatar MassieDran 19 November 2012 / 17: 30

    Hi. You asked me on the blog about vasmol oil 🙂 I didn't use it because I found somewhere on the net that it has a terrible composition and is not much different from hair dyes 🙁 A pity 🙁 Write about it when you use it! 🙂

  3. Avatar Lourdes 18 November 2012 / 14: 30

    Ooo very useful post, THAT I LIKE MOST! 😀 I use an oriflame antiperspirant and it works rather well, I won't change it.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 18 November 2012 / 14: 37

      I am very happy:)
      the most important is to find something perfect for yourself!

  4. Avatar Leany 18 November 2012 / 11: 37

    Interesting article. I am still looking for a delicate deodorant that would provide me with comfort and a friendly composition. I'm watching 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 18 November 2012 / 12: 56

      As above. I recommend Alterra in a ball :) he worked perfectly with me.

  5. Avatar Zzielona 18 November 2012 / 11: 35

    I love to use Rexony. Currently, however, a mineral Garnier. Everything, of course, in a spray because I hate balls or sticks. But maybe I'll buy some deodorant and use this Garnier every other or third day? After all, I don't have any big sweating problems. Can you recommend some cool deodorants?

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 18 November 2012 / 12: 55

      I am currently using Alterra balls with lemon balm and sage. I'm happy:)
      I use Ziaji blocker once a week.

  6. Avatar rainy girl is me 18 November 2012 / 11: 14

    I now have a stick with Lady Speed ​​Stick blossom - it smells great although I would prefer a ball :)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 18 November 2012 / 12: 56

      I used the rexony stick but the male one; D was very good, stronger than for women.

    • Avatar rainy girl is me 18 November 2012 / 16: 24

      I generally prefer men, but with a somewhat delicate fragrance :) I recently had Isana for men, it smelled nice, but was terribly dusty - I left behind a suffocating cloud: /

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