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What to look for when buying cosmetics?

A few days ago we received an email with a request from Marta O. to write a note with information on what to look for when buying cosmetics. The idea delighted me, because I often buy a product for hours, I stand for hours and analyze the composition of individual cosmetics, choosing what will be the most pleasant for my skin. I know from my own experience that buying cosmetics is not an easy matter. Many traps are waiting for our delicate skin. Then we start the guide "How to buy cosmetics with your head?"

The first issue that I pay attention to in the composition is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

What exactly is it? They are synthetic detergents. We can find them properly in most tonics, lotions, gels, shampoos and bath lotions. Why should you avoid them? Because dry the skin and disturb the secretion of sweat and sebum (yes, we need it for the proper functioning of the skin), and irritate the skin, cause itching and eczema. It can also cause body pain. Interestingly, allergy to these ingredients may appear only after prolonged use of cosmetics with this detergent.

The second very important point is parabens

like phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid, ethylparaben, propylparaben, methylparaben and butylparaben. Parabens are nothing but ingredients that prolong the validity of cosmetics. As you know for cosmetics companies (not all!) The most important thing is that the cosmetic has the longest possible expiry date. Then you can be sure that it will be sold. It is a pity that no one thinks about how badly parabens affect us ... Parabens are toxic! can cause any allergic reactions. There is also speculation ongoing and added to deodorants do not contribute to breast cancer. However, this has not been clearly documented.

They take the third place dyes and flavors

e.g. linalool, geraniol, limonene, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene ... Most often they are marked with the CI index (Color Index) and we can find them somewhere at the very end ... unfortunately and they have a bad effect on our skin - they can cause reactions allergic (that's why I try to avoid heavily perfumed cosmetics, because I know that usually these products make me allergic). The list of ingredients for fragrance compositions is long (26). I won't mention them all, but it's worth knowing that there are so many of them ...

For purely technical matters - when buying a cosmetic, pay attention to its expiration date. Too long (e.g. 3-4 years) tells us that the product definitely has parabens in it.

I also pay attention to whether the cosmetic has been tested on animals.

I am an opponent of this type of activities, which is why it is one of the most important factors for me whether I buy a given product or not (this was the case with Nivea cosmetics. When I found out that they test cosmetics on animals [and they still hide it perfectly well ...] I said that their product will never be at my house again).
Although I'm not a fanatical ecologist, I look at whether the packaging can be recycled. I hope that I was able to provide you with the most important information on buying cosmetics. Also remember that what is written on the label is not always true. Therefore, it is worth to approach this with great distance.
If you are unsure whether a cosmetic is harmful to you Your skin, whether it has not been tested on animals, etc. - ask, read the reviews. This will protect you from buying something that should not actually be released.
Martha, I hope that I managed to dispel your doubts and from today buying cosmetics will be easier for you :)


  1. Avatar GoodForYouDP 4 March 2012 / 10: 04

    I am very happy that the note helped you :) I wish you pleasant and above all easier shopping;)

  2. Avatar Anonymous 3 March 2012 / 20: 48

    I have read a bit about these SLS before. When I found out that they are harmful I ran to the bathroom and looked at the composition of my cosmetics. Unfortunately, most of them contain SLS. Especially shampoos and shower gels, and face gel. I have very damaged hair and my skin dries very much. Maybe among other things because I can't get everything right.

    As for Nivea, I haven't heard that they are testing cosmetics on animals, until I felt stupid that such a cosmetic is in my bathroom and I must admit that I am satisfied with it, my hair is great after it. But I'm not in favor of testing cosmetics on animals, my fault, I did not pay attention to it.

    Thank you very much for the note and now I will check more carefully what I buy :)

    • Avatar Anonymous 3 March 2012 / 20: 49

      Ps. I forgot to sign 🙂
      Marta O.

  3. Avatar GoodForYouDP 2 March 2012 / 19: 01

    I am very happy that there have been comments praising but also negating my approach to cosmetics.

    Lia I gave up SLS shampoos exactly six months ago. I have noticed a significant improvement since then. Earlier I had an itchy head often, I also had dandruff. Since I don't use SLS cosmetics I have stopped having such problems.

    Green I think that you are not allergic and you do not have to watch what you use. Unfortunately, I have a bigger problem with it, because when I use a product that has SLS in it, I have terribly dry skin, and thus - even Zyrtec can't cope with how I scratch ... but you're right - if someone responds some cosmetic and nothing happens after it, why not use it. I do not know if you have read it carefully and do you know it, but often an allergy to SLS may appear even after 10-20 years ... unfortunately there are cases (how do I know? I talked to this topic with my dermatologist)

    Seraphase will write very soon what cosmetics to use. There are many "good" ingredients that do not primarily affect our skin. Unfortunately, but most cosmetics affect it, and as I wrote - the effects can be seen only after several years.

    LolaVeloso, I'm happy that my note helped you :))

    Kingo, as I wrote, yes many people are "resistant" to SLS. Which does not apply to allergy sufferers who are more prone to allergies after cosmetics. And as I said - what does not sensitize you today does not mean that it will not sensitize you in a few years.

    Loved unfortunately SLS is crafty. Today you do not have an allergic reaction, and tomorrow you may have such that you will not leave the house. Why risk it ?;)

  4. Avatar Kinga 2 March 2012 / 14: 23

    As for the sls, I do not agree
    because, for some, nothing happens after them

  5. Avatar LolaVeloso 2 March 2012 / 12: 19

    I support my friend above and a very useful post, today I am going to Nature for a cosmetic that I do not need at all but I will buy it to improve my mood 😉 and now I know how to do it with my head.

  6. Avatar Seraphase 2 March 2012 / 09: 34

    Maybe it would be worthwhile to write which ingredients are good, because when I read such notes / posts I am surprised that we did not close ourselves in sterile glass shades with filtered air.

  7. Avatar Zzielona 2 March 2012 / 09: 10

    And I'm already annoyed by this hunt for parabens, silicones and sls. If a cosmetic works with us and works in a way that the manufacturer provides without irritating our skin, why should we avoid this product? Most of us use SLS properly since birth and somehow we all live: D. I use products with all these "atrocities" and I don't complain about my complexion - no acne, no imperfections. I would say that it's even my advantage;). In fact, any ingredient can cause an allergic reaction.

    As for testing on animals, I and I are soooooo opposed to it. And also, if I know that a given company tests its products (or buys ingredients from companies that do it) on animals, I avoid buying such products.

  8. Avatar Lia 2 March 2012 / 08: 58

    It's good that you wrote this post, because probably not everyone realizes how harmful things are in what is supposed to be "good". 🙂 I recently put off my SLS shampoo (I still use it once a week) because I want to give my hair a rest. I believe that after a few months they will take on a different expression and I hope that I will be convinced in 100% about the bad influence of these "toxins".

    By the way, I did not know that parabens prolong the validity!

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