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Evening Rituals

Evening Rituals

Evening silence is a time for us when we are fully together. Then we talk about the whole day and analyze what happened. It's time for us and our relationship.

We don't eat dinner. We try to eat the last meal around 18: 00, so that our body can calmly digest food. The evening food doesn't end well for us. I often have nightmares or sleep very restlessly.
However, if we are hungry, we try to eat something very easily digestible, which will not disturb our sleep.
We usually go to sleep between 22 and 22: 30. This is the best time for us, and even our organisms have probably become accustomed to falling asleep so far.
Brushing our teeth is our first ritual. At this time, regardless of the season, we will keep the bedroom. I sleep better when the room is well ventilated. We always do it together and although it may seem trivial, it is something special for us. There is usually a lot of laughter and jokes (Piotr always makes me laugh!).
Later I do make-up removal using Sylveco linden micellar fluid and Alterra oil, and Piotr washes his face colloidal silver and applies night cream or Mizon snail serum. I always apply the same product for the night for years - Bandi cream with almond acid.
When our teeth and mouth are washed, the relaxation time begins. We have been practicing everyday before bedtime for some time 15-minute meditation session. We most often use Elżbieta Krzyżaniak-Smolińska's YouTube channel and the "fully present" session. It is a way for us to relax completely before bed.
Since we meditate, I have noticed that little things get us off balance. We are also calmer and grateful for what we have. During meditation, we always have airplane mode on so that nothing disturbs us in our moment of relaxation.
After finishing the meditation, I look at Instagram and Facebook to reply to comments. I try not to spend on social networks for more than a few minutes.

Before bedtime, I grease my feet with Rossmann foot softening cream, and I put a thick layer of Nuxe balm on my lips.

It may be strange, but we always turn off our phones or set the flight mode. I wouldn't want harmful radiation to disturb my sleep.
When I hang up the phone, I turn on the humidifier and set the night mode. It is important that the air is not too dry (the best moisturizing is from 40-60%). Humidifier noise usually puts me to sleep.


  1. Avatar Classy Simple Life 4 May 2016 / 11: 11

    Very interesting post. For some time I have been trying to implement the ritual before bedtime, but unfortunately it does not go well. The big problem is the lack of one time when we go to sleep ... sometimes it is 23 and sometimes 3 in the morning ... - best regards 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 4 May 2016 / 11: 14

      Oh mom at 3 in the morning? It also sometimes happens that we go to sleep later, e.g. 24 ... it depends on how much work we have. However, we try to comply with the above 🙂

  2. Avatar Agata P. 4 May 2016 / 09: 50

    Oh yes, moisturizing is also a ritual for me 🙂 There must always be something on my lips 😉

  3. Avatar Natalia 4 May 2016 / 09: 16

    I also love rituals - completely different, but I understand what you are talking about 🙂

  4. Avatar Dagafox 4 May 2016 / 09: 16

    I guess I will take an example from you, I wonder what my boyfriend would say 🙂 we could certainly use such rituals .. Regards 🙂

  5. Avatar Sailing 3 May 2016 / 09: 06

    Facial cleansing and moisturizing is always my ritual. 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 4 May 2016 / 10: 33

      Facial cleansing is the basis in care (guarantees a healthy appearance of the skin). Moisturizing is my huge favorite. Once moisturizing was the enemy, and now I only use such creams 🙂

  6. Avatar Espe 2 May 2016 / 21: 59

    I have a monthly baby 8 and no rituals have come into play lately ostatnio

    • Avatar [Email protected] 3 May 2016 / 07: 31

      No exaggeration, a child is no excuse 🙂 I know many organized moms who have time for themselves in the evening 🙂 Besides, putting a baby to sleep can also be called a ritual 🙂

    • Avatar magdahom 4 May 2016 / 18: 16

      I have a month-old 6 child and I would say that all my day is one big ritual - feeding, playing, sleeping in several hours cycles, evening bathing and "night" sleep, then time for myself and my husband. Can be!

  7. Avatar Marzena T. 2 May 2016 / 20: 05

    My husband and I also have our evening rituals 🙂 I can't imagine my life without them. For me, they never get bored 😀 I go to bed late because of my husband because around 23.30-00.30 I'm still struggling to change it but it's hard to get used to it

    • Avatar [Email protected] 2 May 2016 / 20: 32

      We try to observe the time of falling asleep, although sometimes we make exceptions - mainly on free weekends, when we can sleep longer 😉

  8. Avatar kirei 2 May 2016 / 18: 20

    Such evening rituals are very valuable. I recently broke up with someone and I know that the lack of such quiet evening and time for the relationship was one of the reasons, but I couldn't convince the other half to devote time only to us and our health. It is extremely important to be able to cut off from telephones, the Internet and external affairs ...

    • Avatar [Email protected] 2 May 2016 / 20: 33

      Telephones are a homicide. Piotr has been spending too much time before sleeping on Instagram for some time. I am very angry at him.

  9. Avatar MyLady world 2 May 2016 / 17: 34

    I also eat like that to 18: 00 is no longer late 🙂 I also go to sleep at such times.

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