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Everything worth knowing about BB creams part 2

What shade for whom?

BB cream Dr G hydra intensive is intended for people with darker complexion, falls into gray. It seems to me that this is one of the darkest shades of Dr G. BB creams. Pore ​​+ it is a little brighter than hydra intensive, it does not go gray, and is suitable for people with pink pigment. cream sensitive is for total pale people with yellow pigment.
BB Dr G cream color

How to wash off BB cream?

Very it is important to wash BB creams thoroughlybecause they contain silicones which, if not thoroughly washed, can cause a deterioration of the skin condition.
I wash BB cream with two soaked pads Bielenda biphasic liquid makeup removerand then wash it colloidal silver. This allows me to wash the cream thoroughly, which I can see on the last cotton swab.

Price and performance

Original, Asian BB creams are more expensive than their drugstore counterpartsthat can be found in the drugstore. I purposely used the word equivalent, because drugstore creams called BB creams are just imperfect versions. Why do I think so? Well, because European BB creams include BB cream from Garnier or Rimmel is nothing but foundations with a touch of cream imitating the originals. Try Asian BB cream at least once, I assure you that you will not return to the drugstore version.
And back to prices for BB creams they are different depending on the brand. The Dr G company has more expensive products, but using this company's product I'm sure it won't hurt my complexion. When buying a Dr G BB cream I'm sure I bought a good bb cream.
Regarding efficiency she is delightful. I have had BB hydra intensive cream for over a year, and I use it every day. 100 PLN for a year is not much, right? :)

How and where to order BB creams?

Asian BB creams are rather hard to find stationary. At least I have never met them. If it is otherwise be sure to let me know in the comment :). I always order BB Dr G creams from a reliable seller. I have ordered the sensitive version from ebay, from Korea.

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  1. Avatar Veronika (veronique228) 14 January 2015 / 17: 19

    I'm going to try some real Asian BB cream in the future because ours didn't like my face very much

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 January 2015 / 17: 27

      European so-called BB creams have nothing to do with Asian BB creams.

  2. Avatar Cash registers. Cosmetics Club 30 December 2014 / 09: 29

    I haven't had any Asian BB cream yet. But as I associate it, the majority is Korean, so buying one is against my provisions (I do not support Korean business).

  3. Avatar becomingbeauty 29 December 2014 / 18: 42

    Fortunately, I do not have such a complexion that I would have to buy some Asian BB 🙂 What I have is enough for me 😉

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 30 December 2014 / 11: 34

      Such a complexion? What complexion do you think you need to have to use Asian BB creams? :)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 29 December 2014 / 17: 10

      Truth? How to calculate the cost and performance is really cheap :)

  4. Avatar magdahom 29 December 2014 / 08: 39

    Could you give us feedback on these proven sellers?

  5. Avatar Kasia 27 December 2014 / 09: 33

    Very interesting entry 😉 I learned a lot from it. Have you ever seen such a beautician? Link to the Beautician I wonder about it because it seems roomy and functional 😉

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 27 December 2014 / 17: 36

      Such cases are very cool because you have everything in one place. I don't have so many cosmetics, so I wouldn't have anything to put in :)

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