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Herbs, herbs and herbs part 2 lemon balm

Lemon balm has a characteristic slightly lemon scent. It is a honey plant, which is why we can meet it near apiaries.
It is the second most common herb in our homes after mint.

Commonly drunk as a sedative in times of stress.

Lemon balm contains:

- volatile oils
- organic acids
- rakes
- trippenes
Lemon balm not only has a calming effect, but is also recommended for headaches, menstrual pain and chronic fatigue.
It also helps with disorders of duration because it stimulates them. It can be used for stomach and gastrointestinal upsets. Reduces bloating and gas. Contrary to appearances, it has a better effect on all stomach pains than mint.
Supports allergic attacks and coughing.
Has a beneficial effect in fever, because it lowers body temperature.
Once used as a medicine after an insect bite.


Lemon balm has a refreshing and cleansing effect, therefore, for acne, oily and combination skin it will be perfect in the form of frankfurters, but CAUTION! it should not be used in this form by people with a tendency to rupture blood vessels.
Lemon balm tonic - we brew the herb. We use as a tonic in the morning and evening. Lemon balm has a soothing, astringent and soothing effect.
Hair - I recommend lemon balm for cleansing the scalp and for seborrheic problems, as well as weakening of the hair roots.
Lemon balm lotion - refreshing and cleansing the hair, so you can use it as a lotion. Boil 4 tablespoons of lemon balm leaves in 500 ml of water. We strain and cool.
Lemon balm is often used in hair shampoos, especially for those with increased greasiness.
And also moisturizing creams, lipsticks and even deodorants.
It is also used to fight herpes. I wrote about it along the way about natural ways to fight herpes (Click)


  1. Avatar Edyta M. 26 January 2013 / 10: 52

    I bought it yesterday, but usually I only drink it to calm down. I didn't know it was good for skin problems 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 26 January 2013 / 11: 55

      I also usually use to calm down, but now I also drink, e.g. for headaches.

    • Avatar Anonymous 12 December 2016 / 19: 26

      Unfortunately, pimples come out after the lemon balm. Since it has a cleansing effect, it hits my face from the inside.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 12 December 2016 / 20: 37

      Your skin must clean, it will get better later. You just need to drink regularly, it's the key to success for all herbs.

  2. Avatar Basia {SlonecznyBalkon.pl} 25 January 2013 / 19: 54

    I also like to drink lemon balm at PMS 😉 so straight from the pot, fresh, is the best. Very easy to grow, I recommend it! 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 25 January 2013 / 20: 17

      I think I'll plant it on the balcony in the spring. I have so much space and it is wasted;)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 31 January 2013 / 18: 02

      I will definitely use. In the spring I want to make a small garden on the balcony, but I have a billion questions, I will also write, because I saw on your site that it is your passion, so it's best to ask at the source :)

  3. Avatar Lourdes 24 January 2013 / 11: 46

    I didn't know that lemon balm has so many uses, all I knew was the sedative properties, that's why we used to buy it for our Polish student 🙂
    I bought kallos 😀 bioethics was nowhere to be found and I don't trust online cosmetics shopping, we'll see if it will help me fix my hair

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 24 January 2013 / 18: 41

      I love lemon balm, I often wash my face with it as soon as something in my cup remains;) the face after it is so smooth and refreshed :)

      I combine to add a few drops of oil to it and use as a spray conditioner. We'll see what happens and, above all, whether my hair will like it. I will definitely write about the effects of this experiment :)

      Have you used callos yet? smell smells good, right? :) let me know how it worked for you - I'm very curious.

  4. Avatar Alieneczka 23 January 2013 / 21: 00

    I drink as pms turns on hehe
    I like a ladybug with an orange 😉

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 24 January 2013 / 18: 33

      I didn't drink lemon balm with toppings, but the orange version sounds tempting. I have to try:)

  5. Avatar Maggie 23 January 2013 / 20: 20

    melise, I just know that sometimes I drink it when I have a nervous time 😀

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