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Herbs, herbs and herbs 3, medical sage

I am a supporter of herbs and I strongly believe in their action. I don't know if you remember how badly I lost my hair after Alterra shampoo. Then silica tea helped me. Herbs help us many times for all kinds of minor diseases.

For stomachaches, we usually reach for mint, for digestive problems and cumin, and for acne problems a turmeric mask works great. Sometimes I get the impression that we underestimate herbs that have so many uses. Today I will say a little about sage. Interested?

I invite you to read. Sage is probably associated with many of you herb for rinsing the mouth during all kinds of gingivitis or irritation. It has an antiseptic effect and eliminates aphthous and thrush-like activities. That is why dentists so often recommend using it as a product even for daily rinsing (it can completely replace chemical equivalents that can be bought in stores).

This herb is great at stomach problems, although less appreciated in this respect (mint is more famous), but it can stimulate gastric juices very well. It is worth drinking it after a meal to improve digestion (especially after quite full and fatty meals).

In addition, it is rich in magnesium, carotene, organic acids, as well as vitamins A, C and numerous minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. Sage is also recommended for women who have problems with too heavy menstruation. I often drink it during painful periods because it reduces menstrual pain.

In cosmetics, sage is often used to make cosmetics for acne-prone skin. For my part, I recommend sage infusion as a tonic. If you have problems with excessive sweating - reach for sage! You can soak your feet in a sage infusion or drink an infusion that will reduce excessive sweating even for a few days! The infusion will also be great during fever or even illness, because sage inhibits bacterial growth.


  1. Avatar Margaretka 7 November 2014 / 12: 25

    I am also a fan of herbs, I even have some of my dried herbs 🙂

  2. Avatar Natalia Orlik 7 November 2014 / 09: 20

    I did not know that sage can help during women's torment. I'll try.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 7 November 2014 / 17: 42

      It saved me more than once :) The same way lemon balm during menstruation is very helpful.

  3. Avatar Anka Anka 5 November 2014 / 17: 46

    I also drink sage sometimes 🙂

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