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Tired eyes than HOYA, never again!

The product that I would like to review today are Hoya glasses. Some time ago I was forced to exchange my glasses for new ones. When cleaning the glasses, the glasses burst in joining, but I was not surprised because they were already seven years old and have gone through a lot. I was aware of the expense waiting for me and that it would be difficult to choose something from the currently offered frames and glasses. I skipped known chain stores due to the low quality of offered products. In chain stores, frames are bought by weight in Asian countries and then sold at a multiple of their original price.

It fell on a local optical salon and once again I was not disappointed. The offer of frames, but most importantly the technology of the glass was light years ahead of those offered in popular chain stores. Nowadays, almost all of us spend at work min. 8h at the computer. In addition, returning home we have contact with other digital devices (including TV, smartphone, tablet) that emit so-called blue light. It is not indifferent to our eye and the whole body. The effects of excessive radiation are: dryness, fatigue, eye irritation, headaches and insomnia.

Thanks to the BlueControl anti-reflective coating, I stopped rubbing my eyes and I don't feel tired, and my eyes are not red. Another plus is that along with the BlueControl coating there is a Hi-Vision LongLife coating. Thanks to this coating, we don't have to worry about scratching the glass when cleaning it. The coating is so hard that we can enjoy glasses for several years of use. I saw this for myself, thinking that I scratched the glasses, but to my surprise there was not a trace on the glasses.

Bottom line: the BlueControl coating neutralizes blue light and prevents eye strain. It limits the formation of reflections, which increases the comfort of vision. Provides contrast and natural color perception. The image visible through the glass gives the 4K effect 😉 The glasses give the effect of not wearing glasses on our nose. In addition, the BlueControl coating in combination with Hi-Vision LongLife ensures certainty of the lens's transparency and easy maintenance of the lens's cleanliness, which means that we rarely need to clean our glasses and comfort in all light. It is also worth noting that the water does not stick to the glasses but flows down over them.

The price of the glass depends on the defect we have: whether they are cons or pros. The price ranges from PLN 400 to PLN 550. It is worth adding these 100 or 200 gold to the glasses and take care of your eyesight and your health, even at the expense of the frames. Thanks to such glasses, work and everyday life gives us confidence that we protect our eyes and do not feel discomfort in using glasses. Contact lenses can be stored in the drawer, because from now on they may not be needed.


  1. Avatar Anonymous 16 February 2019 / 09: 23

    Sounds like an advertisement

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 16 February 2019 / 14: 37

      This is not an advertisement like 99% content on our blog. We bought glasses from our own money, and we recommend them because Piotr is very happy with them. Recently bought a second glasses with the same coating, but with an additional option - sunglasses.

  2. Avatar Anonymous 22 December 2016 / 14: 13

    I also just bought these glasses. But after the title, I was scared that I did wrong, because I thought it was about "never again" ... these lenses. Fortunately, that wasn't the point. Cool recka. Thanks 🙂

  3. Avatar GoodForYouDP 18 April 2015 / 13: 57

    As for quality, it is a very individual matter. It depends who has the requirements and expectations (higher or low). At the next visit to the so-called chain store which is in virtually every shopping center ask about the above coatings or other options that allow you to effectively take care of your eyesight. The answer will be evasive or we do not currently have such services in our offer. Remember that offering such a low valuable something is at the expense of something, it must answer for itself whether it is worth saving on your health.

  4. Avatar Veronika 17 April 2015 / 18: 58

    I've been wearing glasses for several years. I bought both in chain stores and in ordinary private optical salons. I don't see any difference.

  5. Avatar Magdalena N. 29 March 2015 / 08: 45

    My disadvantage is the minus 0,5 and yesterday I ordered new glasses, but so far I have not chosen any additional coatings :) But I also chose the optical salon in my city and not the power supply ówki

  6. Avatar Long hair 28 March 2015 / 11: 03

    They look fantastic, I admit. I just bought polarized glasses, I also invested a little, but much better viewing comfort behind the wheel of a car. Kisses, greetings!

  7. Avatar Lady Cosme 28 March 2015 / 10: 07

    I need some good glasses and I thought to go to vision express, but now I don't know what to buy here; /

  8. Avatar Beauty Land 28 March 2015 / 09: 25

    good to know, although unfortunately I have already made this mistake and bought glasses in the Vision Express power line, no matter how little, I dropped 5 on China, they are very uncomfortable, I don't know how to wear them? I've already been on the regulation 3 times and the ladies in this store can't do it?

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 17 July 2015 / 10: 08

      Well, be happy that although the glasses are ok, because I heard about cases that the walk was badly fitted and you have to wait for a replacement for weeks!

    • Avatar optimist 21 February 2019 / 08: 49

      I confirm the lack of professionalism in Vision Express. It was some 8 years ago. The optical glass could not be properly seated. To read the text I had to do in one eye, I'm not joking, strabismus. Complaints did not help. I went to another optical plant in Wroclaw. In the network I just lost money, time and nerves.

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