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Knowledge of the target group - an effective way to reach readers

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Seemingly trivial, seemingly simple, and yet not every blogger knows his target group. And knowing the target group is a very useful matter, if only because thanks to this information we can match the content to the recipients. If there are only men on your blog, it would be a great shot to write about choosing a foundation for your skin. This is why our blog post from the series "Back to School" that was popular before September 1 did not work on our blog. This is not our target group, so the post would not be very popular.

How to know your target group?

To get to know the target group you can foretell with a ball, coffee grounds, or whatever else you want. The more effective way is the Google Analytics tool, the "Audience" tab, and the "Demographics" tab. We are interested in data such as age, gender and interests. Based on them, we can adjust the content to the target group and thus avoid mishaps with a post that will not interest your reader.
I've written several posts about Google Analytics, including a post about how to configure this tool with a blog. If you are interested in this tool (and you should know it), take a look here.
Google Analytics target group

How to reach your dream target group?

If your blog is visited by readers that you do not necessarily want to reach (in principle, our blog is to reach men and women aged 20-40 +) you can try to tailor content to specific people. With such assumptions of the target group, as well as observing statistics from Google Analytics, we do not write about problems of teenagers (although acne notes are also read by younger people), returning to school, holidays and we do not show styling for teenagers.
On our blog, you can find more content related to home, personal development, including work and advice for future brides.
It is worth knowing your target group so that you will know what content will interest your readers. Thanks to this knowledge, the chance that this Reader will stay longer increases.


  1. Avatar Ulka 17 September 2016 / 10: 46

    Informative and very clever post, you can learn a lot from you ;-))

    • Avatar [Email protected] 17 September 2016 / 10: 55

      Thank you for the kind words. I try to share my knowledge and experience with others 🙂 I plan to publish a Bloger Guide in the form of an ebook. Soon we will finish the subject of the MA thesis and you will be able to focus fully on the blog 🙂

  2. Avatar Basia Smoter 7 September 2016 / 10: 00

    I think that you do not help one person with such entries 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 September 2016 / 10: 27

      I am interested in your opinions on the target group. Is it the way you want to reach or is it completely different. Let me know 🙂

  3. Avatar Beauty B. 5 September 2016 / 18: 21

    Posts like this make me realize how little I still know 😉

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