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Release is a disaster !? It can actually change your life!

Everyone is afraid of being fired while working. When you hear about job cuts, getting ready for layoffs, and other rumors about it, we start to panic. Is it right though? Is dismissal really a disaster?
Release is a disaster !? It can actually change your life
Seemingly it may seem so. When you work for a few years in a given workplace, or even if you have been working recently and think you have found a job for the rest of your life, you are afraid of it.
The most beautiful is the moment when the first emotions subside. Anger will disappear, humiliation will disappear, and wondering "why me ?!" That's when the best ideas are born, then your mind starts working at increased speed, because you have to think about what to do next.

When they release you from work, take steps that can change your life. Don't do anything but hurry, just think about what you want to do next.

There is never a dead end. Each can be somehow repaired, although at first the situation seems hopeless.

CV update

First you need to update your CV. However, it is worth first to find current templates and current trends (yes, so are the trends in the CV, e.g. Times New Roman font is
passé). If you enter '2016 CV template' into the search engine, you'll definitely find something for yourself.
Write first on the card the experience gained in the previous work, as well as the duties performed. Think about what you can enter in your CV, which can attract a potential employer. Maybe you have skills that make you different? It's all worth writing, because if you don't do it, nobody will guess it.

Is it worth sending a cover letter to your employer?

It is said that a cover letter is obsolete. And I think so too, because usually nobody reads it. It's better if you send some information in the body of the email. You can write what kind of job you are looking for (remote, full-time, part-time), as well as about projects that you ran or were part of. However, do not overdo it with the amount of text, because I have a cover letter - no one will read it. Focus on facts, and don't summarize your entire career.

However, when you decide on the cover letter

Write it in such a way as to interest the person who is to read it. I know from my experience that cover letters are written in the same boring way. I am not surprised why employers require more. More and more often I meet with a cover letter in the form of a video. It's a nice form, but when it's not too long.

How to look for a job effectively?

Finding a job is not the easiest. At the beginning you have to specify what kind of work we are looking for and realistically determine the experience and chances of getting it. If your professional experience is limited to only a few months of internship, do not expect that you will get a great job with a high salary (such situations are rare and you need to be extremely lucky).
Some portals require the creation of their profile, which will contain all the information from the CV, including experience, graduated schools, etc. It requires some work, but it also makes it easier for your employer to find you. Why? Because often looking for employees is outsourced to companies that browse such websites and search for potential candidates for employees.

How many jobs can you look for?

It's frustrating, because maybe you came here after a long period of looking for a job and you probably think, what a nonsense. A person who has no idea about real life writes. Well not true. I was released once. It was my second to last job at the employer's. And although it seemed like a disaster to me at first, later I thought they were actually doing me a favor. I never liked this job, I totally tired of it and quietly dreamed that someone would make a decision for me.
In retrospect, I see that I was just weak and I wasted a year sitting in an unproductive office seat with people I didn't really like. At that time I could do something different, at that time I could do what I do now.

Is it worth taking the risk?

Working on your own is a difficult and risky decision, but as they say, "those who don't take risks don't drink champagne." Although my work day does not end at 16 or 17, I don't regret it. Thanks to the risk I have taken, I can enjoy not only higher earnings, but also satisfaction that I do something that gives me pleasure.
Sometimes all these fears are just thoughts that are in our heads. For me, working on my own always seemed risky, but at the same time it gave me some satisfaction. When a year ago someone would even offer me a job on my own, I would definitely answer "never in my life". I was afraid. I was just scared in the world, but I don't know why and I don't know what. Although at the beginning it was all scary, today I can not imagine working differently.
I can't imagine getting up at 5 in the morning to get to work at 8. I can't imagine driving the same bus every day at 7 with the same people (it was!). It's not for me. Never again 🙂


  1. Avatar Piotr Binkowski 27 March 2017 / 10: 32

    dismissal is new opportunities, I have always approached it this way;)

  2. Avatar Izabela Miszczyk 1 September 2016 / 09: 52

    It all depends on the situation. A person living alone has a harder time after losing his job. When you live with a family or partner, it's easier to survive. And your own business? I would like to ... I would not like to get up at this 6.30 to get ready to work at 8.00, I would like to leave whenever I want, without counting how many holidays I will be left because there are professions that can be provided remotely, from anywhere in the world. But for now, I'm still a full-time employee, what will happen next - we'll see.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 1 September 2016 / 12: 03

      The decision to open your own business must be mature. A few years ago, during a recruitment interview, one of the potential employers asked me if I could start a business. I answered firmly no. Over time, my thinking changed, and after the reduction of jobs in one of the companies in which I worked, I began to wonder what to do next. It was the 'ten' moment when I decided not to work for someone else's success.

  3. Avatar Anonymous 1 September 2016 / 07: 59

    Yes, starting a start-up or working on your own in general requires courage and a lot of self-confidence. Added to this is a significant risk (usually impossible to assess before taking it) that you have to take into account. If you manage to spread your wings, this is the ONLY job for life.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 1 September 2016 / 08: 06

      You have 100% right, but what is the satisfaction! There are days when I work from morning to evening, but I know that I work for myself and no one else benefits from my time.

  4. Avatar Ewa Sobania 1 September 2016 / 07: 51

    Hard topic 🙂 I haven't dealt with it yet, but I can imagine these emotions 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 1 September 2016 / 10: 01

      I had the opportunity to experience a reduction in jobs. Such a large reduction, because the company has decreased significantly. It gave me a kick to act because I had already thought about changing jobs (my independent position was taken under the wings of incompetent people. As a result, the work did not give me any satisfaction), but I did not do it because of 'full-time security'. Today I regret that I have wasted so much time there.

  5. Avatar Investor 1 September 2016 / 07: 48

    The risk of having a full-time job can pay off more. You only need to have an idea 🙂

  6. Avatar Dorota Strzelecka A drop of Argan 1 September 2016 / 07: 17

    I am one of those who could say that you know little about life. When 6 fired me years ago, I was so optimistic that I would manage. Unfortunately, I can't find any job for many years. Employers say NO and they will always find someone better. The market is simply inefficient and there is not enough room for everyone. It hurts me a lot when you put in the search for a dream job so much effort and normal that you question the reality they call you claim and make you change your attitude and arouse guilt. Work from which everyone now run away from their dreams because it is systematized, you earn a fixed salary and after hours you can be with your family or develop something of your own.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 1 September 2016 / 07: 30

      I have been working since 19, so I am 7 for years in the labor market. I have a lot of experience when it comes to employers, because I changed my job every year on average.

      Why? Because I was looking for my place and what I would like to do. Experience with my last employer convinced me to open my business and do what I love. Today I am happy because I cooperated with various clients, and each order is associated with additional experience that I can use in cooperation with others.

      For me, working for someone at certain times is a bit of convenience and lack of courage. Often, people want to work like this only because they have a sense of stability (which you write about). Sometimes it's worth taking a risk and acting instead of looking for a safety zone. Remember that working on such principles, you work on someone and you will never succeed 🙂

      I wish you found your dream job, but also the courage to take bold steps in your professional career! 🙂

  7. Avatar corporedhead 5 May 2016 / 11: 47

    It is difficult to look at dismissal as something positive, because it always seems to be a personal failure in a sense - we have not achieved goals, we were not good enough or rather "someone else was better than us". Objectively, however, it often turns out that ultimately this event results in a change that is good for us. We may not have the courage to take the risk ourselves (because what if I quit my job and don't find a new one). However, I know a lot of examples of people who, despite dismissal, eventually found a job that suited their expectations much better. Sometimes you need to take a step backwards just to gain more momentum 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 May 2016 / 12: 35

      I know many people who sit at work even though they don't like it. They work only because they are afraid of change. I think that over time there will be more and more people who are freelancers and work for their own success, not the success of someone on the board.

  8. Avatar Iza Nowalska The gift of parting 5 May 2016 / 07: 24

    Each change brings with it a bit of anxiety. It's natural. It is good to give yourself a moment to mourn the loss, and then ... look for a good solution for yourself. Everything is in our head, we see an overwhelming problem or challenge 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 May 2016 / 12: 33

      That's for sure. At the beginning you mainly think about "why". Then you wonder what you will live for, because the fees remain.

      Sometimes it is only after time you can see the positive releases. If I hadn't been released, I wouldn't be where I am now.

  9. Avatar Evgenia 11 April 2016 / 11: 40

    I also think it's worth looking at dismissal as a chance for yourself. There are a lot of people who finally started to do what they do best just after being dismissed.

  10. Avatar Dorota Dorota 11 April 2016 / 10: 27

    the end of one is the beginning of the other! :)

  11. Avatar Create Your Health 11 April 2016 / 10: 13

    This is not the end of the world, but it is definitely stressful and aggravating.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 11 April 2016 / 11: 44

      This is for sure, but after the first stress comes down you can see the positive aspects of dismissal 🙂

  12. Avatar Sailing 15 March 2016 / 15: 50

    Hmmm there is nothing to break down, there are always new possibilities! 🙂

  13. Avatar Olive 4 March 2016 / 07: 11

    I don't know if you remember, but I commented on the photo under one of your posts on your Instagram. Continuing my speech, or rather developing it. I am twenty years old, I have been working on security since the age of nineteen (and do not think that this is a job where responsibility is zero, I did not work in a store, I do not have a disability group, I am not a pensioner), it was a dream job as in the future I wanted to become the head of security, qualify myself. I loved my job, I lived those 12 hours I spent there. I worked there with the man of my life. We lived together. Stupid renting an apartment in Katowice, studio apartments, where two people are far too much, cost us 1600 PLN per month. One salary went on fees. My fiance had surgery and 2 months L4. After a month of lifting Him (he could not wash himself, get up) my back problems renewed. Continuous visits to SOR began. I was forced by the doctor for a moment L4, which by Polish hospitals (no vacancies for basic examinations) lasted for three weeks. During these three weeks, day after day, I received calls that I would be fired if I didn't come to work. That they would blow me up, make jokes. I didn't, I took Olfen injections every day. It so happened that I came back to work earlier from my man. About a week. I was released, someone else was in my place. Nobody knew anything, everyone was hiding everything, blaming each other.

    A week later and my fiance found out that the job was gone. And what do two people who have to pay for school, pay for housing and self-catering have to do?
    Parents will not help. Nobody will help. We were looking for a job quickly. We used all the savings that were intended for the wedding. From work to work, where exploitation reached its zenith. We both had to stop our studies, we just couldn't afford them.

    5 month passes and I still can't get a job. I am glad that at least A. was lucky. We changed the flat, but having debt is hard to raise money for anything .. It's hard to survive. Thinking about starting your own business is partly pointless in this situation. Before time starts your own business - time passes. Even if there is an idea, you just don't want to. And for depression ... Not far away.

    Nothing is as simple as you just don't have money and you don't really have time. This is my opinion.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 4 March 2016 / 07: 19

      Thank you very much for your comment 🙂
      As I wrote you on Instagram - I understand your arguments and I respect them. I just don't understand that you're writing about a lack of time. Could you explain it to me? Because you write that you don't have a job and I'm just wondering what are you doing at the time? How do you spend your day 🙂

      Write me an e-mail and we will think together what we can do and how to help you look for a job. I need to find out more - what is your education (have you been a bachelor and you have interrupted your studies?), On which portals are you looking for a job - if I find out, I'll send you some more. And we would also have to review your CV if it is well written. In fact, they have to be slightly modified for every job offer.

      If you are interested in my help, please contact me. I would not like to mention such issues in the comment because they are sensitive data.

      I cordially greet you and send a little positive thinking: *

  14. Avatar Natasza Miszczuk 3 March 2016 / 13: 59

    2016 CV templates ???? Until out of curiosity I will look at Google now what is trendy now 🙂 I personally do not intend to change my job 🙂 The only thing that bothers me is 20 vacation days ... Not enough! But maybe someday I'll take 20 working days a year, and use the rest for traveling 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 3 March 2016 / 14: 25

      A brilliant plan! 🙂 You need to implement it and make a blog post "20 days at work, 345 days on the road" :))))

  15. Avatar Unknown 2 March 2016 / 23: 24

    Hey, can you reveal what you do now? ... I understand that you work remotely, or maybe you also have to appear in the office ... how do you motivate yourself to work at home and what about people who are not there when you are sitting alone at home ... do you lack contacts with people from work?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 3 March 2016 / 07: 25

      Thank you for your comment 🙂 I work in the Social Media industry - I run a fan page for various companies (including paid Facebook activities). I don't go to the office because I would have to travel all over Poland (I work with people from different cities).

      There will be a separate post about motivation to work at home, because at the beginning I had a problem with it. I don't miss contact with people because I just don't have time for it.

      When I'm not doing professional work at the moment, I write blog posts or do graphics etc. My day is so filled with tasks that sometimes I don't even know when. And when I really have nothing to do (sometimes there are looser days) - then I do household chores. There is always something to do at home 😉


  16. Avatar Classy Simple Life 2 March 2016 / 22: 48

    In the past I worked this way for several years and this mode caused me to desire something completely different - work at the so-called unoriginal time. Each mode has its pros and cons ... in retrospect, I know that the most important thing is to work in something that gives us satisfaction and money, of course 😉 does my work give me satisfaction ... partly yes and that's enough for me - my life priorities have changed a few years ago and work is no longer at the top of the list 😉 good luck! Best regards 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 3 March 2016 / 07: 26

      Exactly! The most important thing is to do what you like and have a fair remuneration for it (adequate to your job) 🙂

  17. Avatar Magdalena S. 2 March 2016 / 16: 05

    And I like jobs from 8-16, the fact that I could earn more could be a particular thing that I've been doing in this business for 3 for years.
    It's nice to read such motivating posts 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 2 March 2016 / 17: 48

      As who likes. For me, 6 years of work in this mode meant that I began to look for something else 🙂

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